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Animated NLP Training AudienceThe best NLP training reviews tell you something about the effectiveness of NLP and about the effectiveness of our NLP training.

Global NLP reviews:

NLP Reviews

People worldwide attend our NLP training. Every year, a few of them take the time to write NLP customer reviews about their experience. Steve Boyley has NLP customer reviews from Canada, USA, Mexico, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, China, Indonesia and Australia

There are many NLP training reviews and most are more than a few lines in length. Excerpts and links to each of the full NLP reviews follow:

Why You Need To Choose Great Training In Your Life.

Chris Venn, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Former Soldier and Parent. NLP Toronto, Ontario, Canada. People like Chris say “I love my NLP Mind.” SEE THE VIDEO... Continue reading

Richard Bandler. Creator of NLP and DHE

NLP trainer Richard Bandler"I highly recommend Steve Boyley. He is continually updating his NLP training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is one of the few NLP trainers licensed internationally through The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™." .... Continue reading

John La Valle. President of The Society of NLP

NLP Trainer John La Valle"Steve Boyley is in Canada, near Vancouver. He's been training now for quite some time. What I like about him is that he's in touch with what NLP really is and knows more about the skills than most. He knows the difference between the skills and the techniques. Steve has also been in other businesses and quite successfully. So he's .... Continue reading

NLP Changed My Life, In A Very Good Way. More Fun, Sales, Freedom And …

Faisal Kahattak, Entrepreneur, NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada. The LeaderSmith. I am still affected by this NLP course I attended two years ago…in a very good way! I blame Steve Boyley’s training for making me lose my faith and trust in people, signs Continue reading

NLP Johannesburg: An Amazing Experience

Grace. NLP Johannesburg, South Africa. "It was such an amazing experience for me to be instructed by Steve and his lovely wife. I acquired a range of new skills which enabled me to regain clarity, commitment, and a renewed zest for life. I am less anxious in moving forward with the ventures I am engaging in and I am now .... Continue reading

The New Dimension Is Surprising!

Deb Rondeau. NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada. Host & Executive Producer. Phit and Phabulicious! "In July 2013 I attended Steve Boyley's NLP program anticipating that learning NLP would make me a more effective coach and radio show host. And besides, who wouldn't want to spend .... Continue reading

NLP: Houston Texas Millionaire Strikes Paydirt At NLP Training

Don Bane. President. SouthlandsTexas Land Acquisition & Development. NLP Houston, Texas, USA. “Cut to the chase! Steve will exceed every expectation you could possibly have for an NLP presenter. His course material, personal reference points and delivery method, combine to … Continue reading

Cancer Pain Removed With NLP Over The Phone

Marie Martin, NLP Kelowna, BC, Canada. “I did NOT think this would work for my Dad – he is a pretty stubborn non-believer in this “CRAP” .. so I used the ‘Strong Mind’ sentence. The Story… not that you need … Continue reading

NLP Edmonton: Faith and NLP Are Powerful Combination

Agnes Yip, Master NLP Edmonton, AB, Canada. “People asked me how could I stay positive when dealing with difficult situations, and my answer was my faith guiding me through and teaching me to leave the rest to the Lord. When … Continue reading

NLP Then And NOW

Derrich Milne. Master NLP Calgary, Alberta, Canada. “In 1992 a good friend of mine introduced me to NLP and I was so impressed by it that I dedicated ALL my resources to learning NLP with some very experienced … Continue reading

NLP: You Won’t Be able To Turn It Off

Daisy Hernandez, Master NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada. “I had taken my practitioner training at another institution and in comparison to Steve’s training, it falls short. Steve’s approach is by far the most comprehensive and hands-on. I ultimately have walked away … Continue reading

Sales Double After NLP Training

Patrick DuCharm, NLP Dekalb, IL, USA. “In less than four months after taking Steve Boyley’s NLP course my SALES have doubled. At first, the company that I work for was reluctant to invest their money in the seminar and hotel. … Continue reading

NLP New York, NY: Steve Is Unique, He Changed My Life.

Geoff Blades, NLP New York, NY, USA. “Steve changed my life and taught me NLP beyond the next level. Steve is an exceptional NLP trainer. I have met many trainers and after training with Steve for Prac and Master Prac, … Continue reading

NLP Has Deep Lasting Effect On Skills and Life

Eddie Malak, NLP Calgary, Alberta, Canada. “It has been almost three months since I attended training for NLP and I can honestly say it has had a deep, lasting effect on me, my skill level and life. Before attending Steve … Continue reading

NLP Master Course Best Descision Ever

Kendra Springsteel, B.Ed, Master NLP Calgary, Alberta, Canada. “I first met Steve almost two years ago when I took his NLP Practitioner program. I absolutely loved the course on so many levels! Steve is a natural public speaker and has … Continue reading

NLP Training Helps Achieve Exercise Goal

Andrew Macdonald. NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada. “I wrote up a quick personal script during the course and had Jan program it in… Basically I set a goal to get some form of exercise every single day for one year (aerobic … Continue reading

Australian Therapist Puts NLP Into Practice

Jan Hill. NLP New South Wales, Australia. “Well I am now back in Australia and today was my first day of seeing clients and I was able to incorporate fairly well NLP concepts and strategies for a number of clients. … Continue reading

NLP Training Delivers More Value Than Marketing Claims

Steve Hobbs. NLP Calgary, Alberta, Canada. “Saturday morning a group of individuals met for the appointed 10:00 AM start of The Performance Institute of NLP Practitioner course. By day 3, they were naturally grouping, and by the end of … Continue reading

NLP Skills Helped Business And Personal Situations

Belle Scharf. Master NLP Calgary, Alberta, Canada. “I had the joy of attending Steve’s NLP training twice, once to become a Practitioner then again to have the greater pleasure of becoming a Master Practitioner. As one who trains adults, I … Continue reading

Steve’s course IS NLP!

Vlad M. NLP Calgary, Alberta, Canada. “There are many books about NLP, there are video seminars about it, and, believe it or not, I heard there are even courses about NLP. When you visit Steve’s first lesson get ready to … Continue reading

I Made Major Changes In Myself

David Kim. NLP Illinois, USA. “Before attending my NLP Practitioner training with the Boyley’s Performance Institute of NLP, I inquired about their trainings on some online NLP communities. I was fortunate enough to find a person that had attended many … Continue reading

Problematic Relationships Mended And Strengthened

Ryan Thomas. B.Sc, C.Ht, NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada. “How do you really put words to passion? In ways that people struggle to describe the most powerful of emotions, is similar to the way I have struggled over the past few … Continue reading

Installed Superb Foundation Of NLP Skills

Pam [Feder] Castillo. Trainer of NLP, Los Angeles, CA, USA. “I was in Steve’s first Prac class more than 10 years ago. I can tell you that the foundation of NLP skills installed and my deep structure understanding of NLP taught … Continue reading

NLP Training Enhanced My Written And Verbal Language

Donna Albro. Diversity Director and School Liaison, NLP Minneapolis, MN, USA. “During the last month I have been expanding my notes, listening to my CDs and reviewing the material we went over supplemented by what I was reading before I … Continue reading

NLP Training Goes Beyond Reasonable Expectations

David Miller. CEO, NLP Kelowna, BC, Canada. “Most people wonder, as I did, if you will get value for your money, will you be able to apply the principles and techniques, and will the instructor be entertaining for you. … Continue reading

The Most Masterful Teacher I’ve Ever Encountered!

Patricia Compton, CHt. Master NLP Canmore, Alberta, Canada. “Steve Boyley – the most masterful teacher I’ve ever encountered! Okay, he is indeed irreverent, some might even say rude, possibly scandalous (isn’t that a wonderful word). He is definitely gifted, … Continue reading

Shocking, Provocative, Irreverent And Politically Incorrect.

Heather Compton, NLP Calgary, Alberta, Canada. “Steve Boyley should come with a Parental Warning Label! Shocking, provocative, irreverent and frequently politically incorrect. Steve shoves your presuppositions aside to reveal himself as a gifted teacher and NLP wizard. I learned a … Continue reading

Quantum Changes That Have Large Cascading Effects.

Nick Poeta, NLP Victoria, BC, Canada. “Only Two weeks after the seminar: It is 2 weeks after the seminar and I am integrating the NLP knowledge to levels I did not previously imagine. There are countless positive transformations that I … Continue reading

A Really Good Time Laughing And Learning NLP.

Susan Shaw, NLP Cornwall, UK. “I flew from the UK to Canada to attend Steve Boyley’s NLP Practitioner training. There were some options in the UK but flying half way around the world oddly seemed the right thing to do, … Continue reading

Improved Map Of World And Quality Of Life.

Kevin Mongeon, PhD Student, MBA. NLP Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, USA. “I am writing to send my sincere thank you for the excellent training seminar. I was originally referred to the Performance Institute of NLP by another well known … Continue reading

NLP Worth Traveling From Belgium.

Yves Miserez, Master NLP Zaventem, Belgium. Optima Facto Management Consulting “Steve’s training is most definitely worth the money, even traveling from Belgium. Regularly I think back of the interesting learning when applying the techniques during my training and coaching activities. … Continue reading

Practical NLP Training With No Theoretical BS Or Stupid Lists.

Eric Eraly. Master NLP Holsbeek, Belgium. Author of ” The Easy To Quit Smoking Method “ “The Practitioner and Master Training from Steve Boyley are a great example of how NLP should be trained and implemented in the participants minds. … Continue reading

Professional Trainer Interviewed About NLP Training

Interview with David Chard. NLP Taipei, Taiwan, China. Professional trainer David Chard is Executive Chairman Taiwan and Regional Director of Asia-Pacific Edelman Academy for Edelman, the world’s largest independent public relations firm. Who was the trainer? Steve Boyley, our trainer, … Continue reading

NLP Skills Pay Off During Trip To New Delhi India.

Jackie Bush. NLP New Delhi India Presentation. “I just wanted to say Thank you for all of the skills I left your seminar with. I am in New Delhi India right now. This is my first time visiting anywhere in … Continue reading

NLP Las Vegas: Quality And Fun Training.

Nadia Harper. NLP Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. “I found Steve Boyley by doing thorough research. This course was very important to me, as I wanted to feel competent to Coach clients in my own practice. I first searched McKenna … Continue reading

NLP Training Guaranteed To Stimulate Your Mind!

Shanley MacKenzie. MH. CCHT. SDCH. NLP Athabasca, Alberta, Canada. “A phenomenal course! Guaranteed to stimulate your mind! Are you ready to experience the training of a lifetime? That is exactly what will happen when you attend Steve Boyley’s NLP training … Continue reading

NLP Training Provides Sanity And More Clients During Major Crisis

Helmut Morscher. NLP Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada. “Steve, thanks to your training, I have just survived a major crisis that would otherwise have driven me insane. You may have noticed the spoof epidemic on the net, where certain crooks … Continue reading

Justified Flying From Surrey UK For This NLP Training

Jason Jackman. NLP Surrey, United Kingdom (UK) “For me, the decision to attend Steve’s NLP Training was justified within the first few hours of the 8 day course. I mean, why would anybody travel halfway around the world, at their … Continue reading

NLP Trainer Retakes Master Prac To Hone Skills

Maria-Dolores C. Haneffant, Avalon NLP Institute, Roseville, (San Francisco) California, USA. "After taking courses with several different NLP Trainers, it is clearly evident that Steve Boyley is a Dynamic Presenter and a Proficient Trainer of NLP. When you take Steve’s trainings you ... Continue reading

NLP “Meta” Master Looks At NLP Training Structure

NLP Ohio USAJeff Richards. CHt, Master Practitioner of NLP Columbus, Ohio, USA. Peak Performance Hypnosis “What a great time! What an amazing week! Thank you, Steve. Thank you for helping me learn all of this amazing stuff. Thank you for showing me … Continue reading

Switzerland NLP Student Has Revelation

Patrick A. Widmer, NLP Kusnacht, Switzerland. “A revelation for the open-minded, essential for those who want to get there. Your training had quite some impact on my life. To what extend is yet beyond my reach, the fact is that … Continue reading

This Is NLP For The Real World! “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Karl Hoppe, MCHt, NLP Mill Valley, (San Francisco) California, USA. “Everyone wants to be more persuasive, don’t you agree? We all want to build strong communications skills, right? If you are a person who wants to increase your effectiveness in all your … Continue reading

UK Family Has Fun Together At NLP Training

Shona O’Connor, Master Practitioner of NLP Bedfordshire, UK. “Myself, my husband and our 2 children attended Steve’s July course in Canada. We live in the UK and found the course amazing value. The cost of the course for 4 of … Continue reading

Belgium Trainer Finds NLP Training Approach Different From Other Seminars

Yves Miserez, NLP Zaventem, Belgium. Optima Facto Management consulting “It is amazing what you learn in Steve’s seminar while you listen to him, while you watch him and while you feel yourself growing after each exercise and experience. The delivery … Continue reading

Read All NLP Books And Still Not Get What You Learn In 8 Days With Steve Boyley

George Gold. Master Practitioner NLP Baja California, Mexico. Having attended both NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner trainings with Steve Boyley, I am completely confident in my NLP abilities. Steve uses NLP to teach NLP in a masterful way. He has the uncanny ability … Continue reading

NLP Training Creates Key Life Distinctions For Winnipeg Entrepreneur

NLP Winnipeg, Manitoba.Douglas Perras. Owner – Nepal Gifts, Practitioner of NLP Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. “If I had only made one key distinction in my life, it would have been worth the cost. Not only have I quit smoking, increased my business profits … Continue reading

NLP Kent, UK. “I chose Steve because of his background of practical NLP application”

Mike Rolph. NLP Kent, UK. “Well unlike most people attending Steve’s NLP training I had no fixed idea of where it would be of benefit to me and how. I had read books and watched videos and understood the concepts … Continue reading

Jakarta Indonesia NLP Trainer Finds What’s Missing

Hingdranata Nikolay, Trainer of NLP Jakarta Utara, Indonesia. “I’ve learned NLP from 4 different gurus, read a lot of books on NLP and of course earned my Master Prac certification with Steve and Prac Certification from an institution in other … Continue reading

Using NLP In Manchester UK: 4 Months On

Paul Thomas. NLP Manchester, Lancashire, UK. “Its been so much fun applying what we’ve learnt and I’ve really noticed how the skills have improved over these first 4 months. I’m really glad I listened to your suggestions about taking some … Continue reading

Meta Master NLP Vancouver Learns Amnesia Patterns

Trevor Shea, Master Tattoo Artist & Master Practitioner NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada. NLP Amnesia Patterns, GetaGrip! Got your attention…. yep. Leverage. Brilliant, Steve Boyley packed an omni-directional metaphor into a single word and added a suggestion to do this, GetaGrip!. … Continue reading

NLP: Ohio Author Increases Communication Skills And Personal Power

Michelle Payton, National Award-winning Author, NLP Powell, Ohio, USA. “My stay at the hotel was safe, quaint, affordable, and friendly. Steve is a unique teacher that kept my attention for 8 straight days (for twelve plus hours per day)! He puts all of his teachings into action--Live Learning. The concept that had the biggest impact on me is ... Continue reading

NLP Melbourne Australia: Chinese Medicine Master Recounts Evidence Of NLP Use

Christopher Nichols, NLP Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. “I scanned the internet for NLP training sites in a Google search, The Performance Institute of NLP came up in the first page. After reviewing 2 dozen NLP Training sites across Europe, North America … Continue reading

Dõv Baron, “I unequivocally recommend that “you” take Steve’s NLP training.”

Dr. Dõv Baron. PhD, Master Practitioner NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada. “Steve Boyley’s 8 Day NLP training is an excellent investment of your, time, money, and effort. Having been a practitioner of NLP for more than 15 years I have … Continue reading

NLP Nova Scotia: Review Of Master Practitioner Course

Mike Lalonde, CHt. Master NLP Nova Scotia, Canada. “Once again, I find myself here in this course running the same hours, and once again I’m having the same excellent experience! Only the dates have changed…only the dates have changed??? Who … Continue reading

Your Ways Of Teaching Are Outrageous And Stimulating

Seloua Nour. Hypnotherapist, NLP Kelowna, BC, Canada. “I had a wonderful time at the training, learning so much stuff, making new friends… I had lots of fun learning from you. Your ways of teaching are outrageous and stimulating ; and … Continue reading

Alberta Lawyer Has “Best Time Of His Life” Taking Son To NLP Training

Eric Rounce, NLP Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada. B.Comm. (Hons), M.B.A., LLb., Member of the Bars of Alberta and Saskatchewan. “Richard Bandler would be proud of Steve Boyley! Classic NLP taught in clear straightforward terms at conscious and unconscious levels. It is … Continue reading

NLP Magical Show Made Simple Understanding Complex Topics

Dmitriy Shornikov. NLP Los Angeles, California, USA. “The seminar was a magical show. Steve showed us use of NLP first; and results were unbelievable until he explained them. It was entertaining from beginning till the end; all learning was watching … Continue reading

NLP Training Creates Skills To Regain Control Of Life

Lorraine Batstone, NLP Newfoundland, Canada. Entrepreneur. “I checked in at the Motel, a certain person. I checked out of the Motel, a different person! Thank you, NLP and thank you Steve for your effectiveness at driving it home!! From language … Continue reading

NLP Toronto: “This isn’t academic training, it’s practical training.”

Tom Eagles. Writer & Hypnotherapist. NLP Toronto, Ontario, Canada. “IMO, the entire experience, from the training itself to the after- class gatherings with people with whom I truly cherished sharing time and teachings, was a part of a process of … Continue reading

NLP New York: Student Changes Identity At NLP Training

André Harding. NLP New York, NY, USA. I returned home from Steve Boyley’s most recent NLP Practitioner training and by three weeks later I am a completely new person, as you will be when you decide to attend. I am … Continue reading

NLP Vancouver Washington State, “Far beyond my expectations”

Wayne Erlenbusch. Master Practitioner of NLP Vancouver, Washington, USA. President. Erlen-Busch Realty Group. “Steve, just a note to let you know that now that a couple of weeks have passed since my time with you in Canada, it is becoming … Continue reading

NLP Changed My View Of The World. I Feel Young!

Bernie Nordquist. Master Practitioner of NLP Prince George, BC, Canada. “Having just attended your NLP seminar of September, I must comment that I found your approach to be very direct, entertaining and most of all enlightening. Your discussions and lectures … Continue reading

NLP Training Gave Amazing Personal Power. More Fun Than Great Vacation!

Adline Saunders, NLP Calgary, Alberta, Canada. “Steve – This past 8 days will stay with me the rest of my life. Learning NLP gave me more power than I ever thought possible. Your training style was a complete surprise and … Continue reading

NLP Nova Scotia: Navy Man Finds New Direction

Mike Lalonde. CHt, NLP Nova Scotia, Canada. I attended the The Performance Institute of NLP during July in British Columbia. Steve Boyley, the instructor, is an intelligent and personable man with a strong desire for his students to have a … Continue reading

NLP Ohio: Most Information-Packed, Useful, Fun NLP Training I’ve Ever Attended

NLP Ohio USAJeff Richards. CHt, Master NLP Columbus, Ohio, USA “I had a great time during my Master Practitioner training. I had attended three short-form trainings and had earned my Practitioner and hypnotherapy certifications prior to coming to The Performance Institute, and … Continue reading

CEO Finds Unique Value Learning NLP: Arkansas, USA

Johnny Terrell. CEO of 3 successful companies. NLP Arkansas, USA. “I was very impressed with Steve Boyley’s NLP training. When I was thinking about attending I was worried about how I could stay interested and excited for the 8 days … Continue reading

NLP Vancouver: Value Well Exceeds The Cost

Dawson Barber, NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada. “I’d been interested in the training for probably 15 years, ever since I first read Unlimited Power. And year after year, I would reread Unlimited Power. I also added other titles to my annual … Continue reading

NLP Los Angeles: Professional Actor Empowered And Entertrained

Interview With Dar Dixon. NLP Los Angeles, CA, USA. Professional actor Dar Dixon is a rising star on the Hollywood scene. Watch for him on your screen. What skills were taught? Extraordinary Communication Skills!! I now have the ability to … Continue reading

NLP Minnesota USA: Life Coach Fundamentally Transformed

Carrie Mackerwicz, Life Coach. NLP Minnesota, USA. “I have been pleased far beyond my expectations with Steve Boyley’s NLP training and the resulting transformed world into which I have since emerged. Steve was more than adept, displaying not only a … Continue reading

NLP Virginia: Management Consultant Has Expectations Exeeded For First Time

Salim Razavi. Management Consultant, Master Practitioner of NLP Virginia. USA. “Everything about this seminar was beyond my expectations and this was the first time I had such an experience with a seminar, this should tell it all. As a trainer, … Continue reading

NLP Oregon Realtor: “I told my wife it wasn’t a vacation. Wow was I wrong! It was an absolute blast.”

Mike Rohrig, Realtor, NLP Oregon, USA. “The Steve Boyley practitioner training was absolutely fantastic. He made what many feel is a difficult subject, easy to learn and practical. I couldn’t believe at the end of the training how much I … Continue reading

NLP Bahrain: Trip To NLP Training Worth Every Penny

Dr. Sorror Qarooni. Master Practitioner of NLP Bahrain.Having seen many NLP trainers before, I found Steve to be a dynamic and capable trainer. He teaches from his heart and wants to make sure that his students are getting the … Continue reading

NLP San Francisco California: Most Beneficial And Most Fun NLP Training

Craig Eubanks. Master Practitioner NLP San Francisco, California (CA), USA. “My business partner and I recently completed Steve Boyley’s NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training, and the more we review all that we learned, the more we are totally impressed with … Continue reading

NLP India: Awareness Transformed For Balanced Life

Amit Batra, NLP India. “I highly recommend Steve Boyley of The Performance Institute of NLP. What I really appreciate about Steve is his ‘Sincere Playfulness’, that means Steve is really sincere with coaching foundations of NLP in the most playful … Continue reading

NLP Alberta: Wilderness Guide Learns To Control Corporate Audiences

Brenda Holder. NLP Alberta, Canada. President, Ultimate Playtime Holistic Adventures Inc. “I really enjoyed taking the NLP training in September by Steve Boyley and I felt a few comments would be in order, since there were so many great things … Continue reading

Using NLP Philippines Consultant Overcomes Phobia Of Dogs.

Maridela Hernandez – De Guzman. NLP Philippines. MA. Principal Consultant, HRMD Knowledge Institute. “It was good to hear from you right after the training. It would probably have been good to hear from me too, soon after our NLP course. … Continue reading

NLP Edmonton Alberta: Entrepreneur “Finds Herself” At NLP Training

Barbara Rice, Entrepreneur. NLP Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. “Since I have been back from taking your NLP course I have been in such a good place with myself its beyond words sometimes. I hardly ever get excited about anything anymore without … Continue reading

NLP Seattle Washinton State: “My relationships are all better. I feel better.”

Nancy Levine. NLP Seattle Washington, USA. “I went to Steve’s training over a year ago. I still reap many rewards – and continue to learn daily. It’s now about refreshing my brain and reviewing scripts, etc. It was well worth … Continue reading

NLP Vancouver: Entrepreneur Uses NLP At Home And Work

Christine Henderson. Entrepreneur. NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada. “I’ve found that I’ve been able to affect a great deal of change around me, making life operate much more smoothly for me and others. I knew I was good before, now I … Continue reading

NLP Vancouver: Consultant Learns Methodology Is The “NLP” Key

Stephan P. Stavrakis. Consultant, NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada. Upon my arrival, I did not know what to expect. I must admit that my decision to go to THE PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE was quick and not really thoroughly studied. So I had … Continue reading

NLP Los Angeles: Review Of NLP Practitioner Training

Pam Feder, NLP Los Angeles, California (CA), USA. Entrepreneur. NLP Practitioner Training Review. 1999 Who Steven Boyley The Performance Institute of NLP™ co-trainer: Elizabeth Payea-Butler Where British Colombia Canada Course Details 8 days 10 AM-10PM Daily but the time flew … Continue reading

NLP Mexico: City Becomes Business Playground For MBA Coach

J.P. Vargas. MBA. Trainer & Consultant, NLP Mexico City, Mexico. “I attended The Performance Institute of NLP Practitioner Certification last August to find a new world unfold before me. Not that it wasn’t there before, I was just not aware … Continue reading

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