Quantum Changes That Have Large Cascading Effects.

Nick Poeta, NLP Victoria, BC, Canada.

Nick, NLP Victoria BC.“Only Two weeks after the NLP training seminar: It is 2 weeks after the seminar and I am integrating the NLP knowledge to levels I did not previously imagine. There are countless positive transformations that I am able to make within myself and others due to my experience of this seminar. The trainer, Steve Boyley packed a lot of information into this seminar and installed the tools to turn that knowledge into useful applications long after the course.

As time progresses I am literally piecing together, theoretically and most importantly integrating into my own behaviour, the body of skills that NLP offers. The information in NLP can be applied in any way imaginable, the creative yet logical flow of ideas and personal transformation is nothing short of unexplainable in words.

The tools are falling into place in an order and fashion that seems natural, easy, and graceful. My ability to perceive more is steadily increasing while I am integrating NLP’s highly useful communication skills. I’ve been realizing more and more just how pervasive the use of these skills are. I attribute this to Steve’s ability to effectively transfer his impressive experience with NLP clearly to his students. I continually look forward to the progressive integration of these abilities in my life. After only two weeks, I am surprised and excited daily by the quantum changes that have large cascading effects.

I will continue my review of Steve’s course once I am further along in this progression of self.

One month after the seminar: It has been a month since Steve’s course. I am getting more and more confident in my ability to practice NLP professionally. Prior to Steve’s seminar I took a course in Hypnotherapy. The abilities and knowledge base in Steve’s 8 day seminar surpassed that of 4 months of training with an experienced hypnotist. Our entire class agreed we were all very pleased with this seminar on many levels. Bonds were made and binds were broken. I’ve got my first client who is going to quit smoking.

Go to this course if you are at all interested in NLP. And I know you are interested in it. How? Because you are reading this!

Thanks Steve.”

People like Nick say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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