NLP India: Awareness Transformed For Balanced Life

Amit Batra, NLP India.

NLP India.“I highly recommend Steve Boyley. What I really appreciate about Steve is his ‘Sincere Playfulness’, that means Steve is really sincere with coaching foundations of NLP in the most playful and outrageous way. If anyone wants not only to know the life changing techniques of NLP but also how to use them and practice them in real life then immersion in a Excellent Seminar is a MUST and Steve provides us with that opportunity of immersion in the 8 days of fun learning.

Before joining Steve in his 8 day breakthrough seminar I was little skeptical about the usefulness of NLP because I could never DO THE EXERCISES written in various NLP books, and during the seminar I learned how to do them with ease using all the sub-modalities.

The other exciting features of the event was its pricing and location. A beautiful lush green city located in a valley surrounded by hills and I enjoyed my stay while learning the cutting edge concepts. It is the passion of Steve Boyley to provide the quality NLP training at most affordable prices that made it possible for me to get a Certification in NLP.

As you JOIN STEVE in the Seminar, you will see the things which you have not seen before , you will hear what you have never heard before and you will experience the feelings you have never felt before and in essence your AWARENESS will be TRANSFORMED. There are some people who are good human beings and there are some who are good teachers and Steve has both the qualities. Finally, I appreciate and thank Steve for teaching me more than NLP- that is to create a balanced life.

Love n Respect.”

People like Amit say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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