NLP Seattle Washinton State: “My relationships are all better. I feel better.”

Nancy Levine. NLP Seattle Washington State, USA.

NLP Seattle, Washington.“I went to Steve’s NLP training over a year ago. I still reap many rewards – and continue to learn daily. It’s now about refreshing my brain and reviewing scripts, etc.

It was well worth the investment and I recommend him highly. The training well paid for itself. Every interview I’ve had since then has resulted in a job offer. (getting to the interview is still a challenge sometimes)

My relationships are all better. I feel better. When feeling stressed, I can use any number of the patterns to reframe my own mind. That alone is worth the cost, but when working with others it makes it most valuable.

Life is good! Take the class when you can, it will give you embedded skill.”

People like Nancy say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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