I Made Major Changes In Myself

David Kim. NLP Illinois, USA.

David, NLP Illinois.“Before attending my NLP training with the Boyley’s Performance Institute of NLP, I inquired about their trainings on some online NLP communities. I was fortunate enough to find a person that had attended many seminars, including Steve’s. He said that he had spent approximately “$100,000” on seminars (which is a lot of seminars) and he said that all of the seminars he had attended were crap except ones by “Tony Robbins, Ross Jeffries and Steve Boyley”! Before Steve’s training, I had read many books on NLP and I was one of those guys that could have written a post-graduate thesis on NLP but I couldn’t have gained rapport with, or influenced, anyone!

That all changed at Steve’s seminar. I found that all of the skills that I had read about in NLP finally crystallized during his training. How joyful it was when beautiful, trance inducing language patterns just began to roll off my tongue. Man! You would not believe the major changes I had made in myself over the course of the eight days. You’re going to find yourself experiencing empowering new states and behaviors after attending Steve Boyley’s NLP Training. I have to say to you, that after experiencing for myself, I agree that Steve Boyley’s trainings are one of the few worthwhile seminars out there where you find that you become what you potentially can be.”

People like David say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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