NLP Magical Show Made Simple Understanding Complex Topics

Dmitriy Shornikov. NLP Los Angeles, California, USA.

NLP LA, CA, USA“The seminar was a magical show. Steve showed us use of NLP first; and results were unbelievable until he explained them. It was entertaining from beginning till the end; all learning was watching the show and acting in the show. I learnt huge amount of information during these 8 days. Steve made simple for understanding even most complex topics.

nlp-student-shornikov-02Hotel was nice and has Internet hotspot which is free. It’s very convenient.

After the seminar I noticed that my communication skills with my friends and coworkers are dramatically improved. Improvisation technique, I learnt in the beginning of seminar, is very helpful. NLP training improved all areas of my life, even my martial art training. I am also able to help others using my NLP skills.

nlp-student-shornikov-03Once, I was driving to San Francisco when my friend called me up. He just broke up with his girlfriend and felt depressed and guilty. I questioned him using my new NLP skills during our half an hour conversation. He realized the source of the problem. Next day he thanked me, said that he found the solution; and he felt good about it.

It was my first NLP seminar and I am pleased having such a brilliant teacher as Steve. I got very powerful and invaluable knowledge and skills.”

People like Dmitriy say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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