Using NLP Philippines Consultant Overcomes Phobia Of Dogs.

Maridela Hernandez – De Guzman. NLP Philippines. MA. Principal Consultant, HRMD Knowledge Institute.

NLP Philippines.“It was good to hear from you right after the NLP training. It would probably have been good to hear from me too, soon after our NLP course. Obviously it didn’t happen that way. I must still be holding on to some of the remnants of the good old mañaña habit. Or then again, perhaps my unconscious was telling me, hey Maridel, you are having a heck of a good time with your disposition as a result of the NLP learning. It is hard to believe if the changes are for real. It does feel very good not to be easily pushed over the edge and to find myself not as easily bothered by what would normally peeve me.

I would say that all in all, I see the world differently, i.e., a more positive place to live in after the 8 days of NLP. Well, the first week in Vancouver right after the course did help a lot. For one thing, the countryside is simply magnificent and the good energy of the place beckons me to be one with that flow of goodness.

My Vancouver hosts were also so gracious, I felt like I wanted to live with them for as long as possible. (Oops, that last thought perhaps wouldn’t encourage them to be as gracious. Then again, they’ll probably graciously drive me away. He, he, he. . .) And of course, let me please tell you about the breakthrough I had with Milo, the Shar-pei pet dog of Dong & Mita, my host. There was good rapport going between Milo and myself during the 8 days of the visit. Other than petting his stubbly fur, I fed him bananas from my hands. In appreciation he made me feel welcome, I guess, with his gesture of constantly following me around the house. On the last evening of my visit, I was alone with Milo for the first time. Well, were we both so well behaved. This prompted me to tell my host when they got home about how Milo & I managed to be alone together. To my surprise, Milo came up to me to raise his paw for a handshake. That was a gratifying response that has somehow imprinted in my memory. It really felt very good to get that acknowledgment from my new friend Milo.

Steve, thank you for being so sensitive to pick up what I shared about what I was anxiously anticipating for that week of my vacation. That night in class, I didn’t even realize you were beginning to work on my discomfort with dogs when you pulled me and BG in that Black & White Movie Rerun of our specific fear. I didn’t also know if that worked, so I wasn’t giving it much thought. The next day definitely proved it all with the thoughtfulness that Fred and Brenda put in to allow me to discover if I could indeed take stock of my fear. The quiet watchfulness, of SH, Greg, & BG certainly encouraged me to explore the novelty of the encounter with Fred’s terrier, Missy. Gosh, you were all so great in paving the way for me to enter another reality of a world filled with the affectionate loyalty of pet dogs.

This phenomenal experience sends a powerful message for me. I have become more aware that I can choose to continue to enrich my world and others that I connect with using what I learned in NLP. What we have learned is so potent in creating a more positive world to live in. There are now more options for shifting the mind state to create the learning goals & outcomes desired by a pure intent of the heart. I believe, this is all for real. On the other hand, reality is there are moments and some of them just seems to be nagging moments of being under the weather. The difference now is that I know I have this magic NLP wand where I can choose to enter into a reality (or is it real-I-tease) where I can be loving myself, and where I can create a world that shifts my view of the situation so that I am coming out of it feeling good about myself.

I trust that the first 8 days of my journey in NLP has shades of a common ground for those of us who were there together. This common discovery is something that may now continue to connect us even if we are so far away from each other. There are many good memories in and out of our NLP class that triggers a smile and a warm feeling for each and every one of you. And the mere thought of you, Steve motivating us to go for that Boyley-ing point reframes my mind state to all that is good about the world. Maraming Salamat (thank you so much)!

All the best to you and your NLP Family.”

People like Maridela say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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