NLP Skills Helped Business And Personal Situations

Belle Scharf. Master NLP Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Belle, NLP Calgary.“I had the joy of attending Steve’s NLP training twice, once to become a Practitioner then again to have the greater pleasure of becoming a Master Practitioner.

As one who trains adults, I thoroughly enjoyed Steve’s unique teaching style. The NLP skills I acquired have helped me in many business and personal situations. They made it easier to get through the evaporation of my job last summer. When my husband died January of 2010 I pulled out all the stops and used NLP to maintain a semblance of sanity. We had one of those very great marriages that everybody says, “You were so happy with each other.” I have experienced just how powerful NLP is while experiencing this. My life and dealings with the world are much better for it.”

Thanks, Belle Scharf. Free spirit wandering the world.

People like Belle say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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