Learning skills enable people to acquire knowledge quickly and easily.

The following pages detail essential learning skills that anybody can use in their personal and professional lives. Learning how to learn things quickly, leads to learning more things. Being confident in your learning skills, removes frustration over dealing with our ever changing world and creates a willingness to learn new things instead.

The learning skills shown here, are examples of strategies and techniques that accelerate the speed of learning how to learn and the speed of learning specific skills. This is a good starting point to begin exploring similar strategies for other skills

Whole Brain Thinking Exercise

Here is a simple and very effective whole brain thinking exercise to promote brain function. Think of “flow” as you hand write (not print) the alphabet as a continuous stream (keep your pen ON the paper) with your normal writing … Continue reading

Logical Levels Are Categories of Thinking

What Robert Dilts calls Logical Levels are categories of thinking that have been around long before NLP. Anyone involved with journalism will recognize them right away. To use logical levels, pick any person, object or idea as your subject and … Continue reading

Mental Karate

Mental karate, is one of our NLP articles on how to use your mind to acquire new skills and abilities quickly. The NLP strategies shown in this Mental Karate mind map, can be applied to any sport as well as other activities. Ultimately, when people are competent at what … Continue reading

Spelling Skill

NLP article: Are spelling skills transferable? Yes, they are! Spelling skills mind map shows the mental process for memorizing and recalling words easily and accurately… Continue reading

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping, whole brain note taking, uses both sides of your brain to study subjects usually only studied with your left brain. Using both sides of your brain substantially increases …. Continue reading

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