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NLP In Middle East – Gulf Insider Magazine

2009. Steve Boyley has already been training executives from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai UAE for 5 years, when the prestigious Gulf Insider Magazine takes notice of his event in Bahrain and the magazine owner decides to attend. The … Continue reading

NLP In Malta

2009. Steve Boyley visits Malta to talk about communications skills. The Mediterranean is a fantastic part of the world and Malta is one of the most fantastic places. Evidence of human settlement on Malta dates back more than 8000 years! … Continue reading

NLP For Cash Flow Thinking Interview

James Martinez, host of Cash Flow on Achieve Radio, interviews Steve Boyley about using NLP to help people improve their thinking about money. After James produced a highly affective advertizement for Cash Flow Radio, that was inspired by Steve Boyley’s … Continue reading

International Hypnosis Training

2006. Local paper finds Steve Boyley teaching hypnosis to 30 people from around the world, in the park! Sometimes, summer NLP training events provide the weather to take lessons and do exercises outside the seminar room. People from UK, Belgium, … Continue reading

Video: Steve Boyley Pioneering Predictive Maintenance (5:01 min)

1988. At age 26, Steve Boyley pioneers analysis of oil filters for predictive maintenance. Rare footage of oil and filter analysis discussion by Steve Boyley. He used NLP skills to model and adapt various technologies, so maintenance staff can get … Continue reading

New Concept for Real Estate

1984, at age 22, Steve Boyley puts together and promotes Canada’s first “Do It Yourself” real estate sales company. While this type of real estate company is common these days, back then, this was challenging established thinking and breaking new … Continue reading

Snake Day Helping Phobia

1978, at age 16 Steve Boyley is already helping people overcome fears and phobias when the local paper takes notice. After hearing a biology teacher get the facts wrong and scare students even more, Steve had to do something about … Continue reading

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