NLP Melbourne Australia: Chinese Medicine Master Recounts Evidence Of NLP Use

Christopher Nichols, NLP Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

NLP Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.“I scanned the internet for NLP training sites in a Google search, came up in the first page.

After reviewing 2 dozen NLP training sites across Europe, North America and Australia, which were all too verbose and inconcise, I returned to your site again and again to re-read all the valuable information that I would learn and to check the schedule and pricing.

Doing a Master’s degree in Chinese medicine I found a window of opportunity between my University workshops to attend my first NLP training since reading about it some 20 years earlier and deciding I would like to understand and learn NLP.

Having been involved previously in several hands on courses where the practice of what you learn is demonstrable, what was important to me was the cost, the timing, the duration, the content, the class size, the venue, the learning experience and the demonstration and execution of the knowledge gained both by the instructor and myself. Having worked in corporate Australia, courses I have attended (Project Management, Negotiation) have been in the same vein as that taught by Steve through his Performance Institute: some fun, some lecture, more fun, a demonstration, again more fun, learner practice of the technique and then some more fun – listen, learn, demonstrate, practice – it is that simple and it works.

Steve’s language is to the point and conveys exactly the information, expectation and promise to develop NLP skills in the inductee in a tone, full of fun, mischief and cheek that elicits attention and compliance, giving one a sense of understanding and fascination so that the hours fly by each day as the new knowledge seeps in deep.

I arrived from Australia totally jet-lagged, worn out and so tired I was the perfect subject for training, it was going to go in without any resistance.

Steve keeps you interested, awake and on yer toes all the time with a lecture here and there with plenty of anecdotes to keep you amused and interested, they demonstrate the lesson being instructed, punctuated by breaks where you grab a little dose of sunshine, a ciggie if you smoke, integration of the lessons continues all day and night long until stumps (the end of play) and then some more if you like to stay up. Sounds difficult, no it’s not. It just slides along, smooth as Steve’s voice, with a new piece of the jigsaw delivered and practiced every moment. It is full of rich enjoyment, new vistas of understanding, your heart and mind are anew.

All the time you interact with others in the group whether at breakfast, lunch, dinner, lecture or break, honing your skills just learned, any problem, just ask, Steve is always there like a friend, willing to provide a new perspective. We all got to know each other a little bit more as each day passed, practicing our new skills over and over on each other and anyone we came in contact with.

In my dealings with people since being YEEHAAR’d by you Steve :-), I am able to hear, understand, provide feedback, reframe in a quieter, more attuned manner.

Valuing my ability to keep quiet and hear all the inputs, people “speak” amazing stuff that I have been missing for years. They tell me what I could not hear before. Being calmer and quieter I can direct changes of direction through gentle interjections.

I asked you about learning whilst there, found that book you recommended in a Calgary bookstore, had a read, left it on the shelf, went to bed the night before the exam I had needed to study for, spoke a script in my head to trust my knowledge and understanding of the subject and to draw on all resources needed to assure a successful result, passed the exam without studying, just by programming that I had all the necessary information already, I slept so well the night before the exam, being very relaxed naturally I passed that little thing.

Evidential use of Imbedded command

On arriving in Calgary (a side visit during my trip home) I was approached by 2 beggars on 2 separate occasions and both times the “My change seems to Be Gone Now!” worked a treat.

The 2nd guy couldn’t figure out what had happened in his head and followed me around for 2 hours trying to figure a new angle to get at me but retreated every time I eyeballed him.

Evidential use of hypnotherapy skills #1:

Out of LA I hopped aboard my connecting plane, introduced myself to my 2 fellow travelers, told them of my new NLP, Hypnotherapy and communications skills.

As the flight was across the Pacific to New Zealand, one lass was interested to be hypnotised to sleep whilst the other was dubious and what would it mean if she were hypnotised whereupon we chatted about all sorts of things, ate dinner, watched a movie, thereupon I commanded both of them and myself to sleep for 8 hours, we all woke within 1 minute of each other 8 hours later feeling refreshed as that was also part of the instruction.

It was still the middle of the night so I commanded another 2 hours sleep. Cool! Simple

Evidential use of hypnotherapy skills #2:

A rather ragged and stressed patient came to see me in my first week back in Melbourne after NLP’ing with Steve.

She asked to be hypnotised to reduce her stress which worked so well she recommends others for treatments.

The physical effort required by me in performing the type of TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) treatment was reduced by 80-90% (the script reduced my stress also even though there was no reference to stress in the script) as a result of my instructing her to do all the work necessary, using all the resources available and to create any she required, to effect the changes to give her the outcome she desired. Over the course of the TCM treatment, I kept repeating the instructions.

It was such a broad open ended script I created on the fly, it still impresses me with its simplicity and direct succinct instruction, the audacity of doing it on 5 seconds notice without planning surprised me and changed her outlook in life, mine too. Cool again! Simple.

Evidential use of NLP: Do what you must do.

This last December I received a notice from the Tax Dept requiring me to provide a Company Tax Return for a previous tax year, there were 5 years outstanding. Uh-huh!

After getting their approval for a 2 week extension to the deadline, I put your CD on and listened to the track “Do what you must do” – oh that silky voice did me good and reinforced my motivation to accomplish the impossible.

(Since divorcing 15 years ago I had avoided doing any tax returns, avoidance of looking into painful experiences – fuck I perfected that one!).

Well I worked diligently through Friday and went to the accountant on Tuesday morning to deliver not just the 1 return but 15 personal + 5 company returns for processing having analysed all those receipts and miscellaneous bits of paper from shoeboxes.

In 4 days I accomplished what I had avoided and dreaded all that time – fuckwit!

Using the process made it easy to accomplish the end by instigating the reward of the good feelings and removal of stresses whilst performing the previously undesirable task which was now a thoroughly pleasant one.

Each time I wanted to stop I would take a short break, feed and drink a little and return to the task at hand.

Emotionally I was rooted and rested properly for the first time in 15 years, taking all January off.

We met the deadline and the great news is that I had overpaid and they owe me heaps!

Now, my accounts are updated weekly.

There are more instances daily, you want more…

Having been made so welcome everywhere I went, I would love to return to enjoy being there some more!”

People like Christopher say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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