Using NLP In Manchester UK: 4 Months On

Paul Thomas. NLP Manchester, Lancashire, UK.

NLP Manchester, Lancashire, UK.“Its been so much fun applying what we’ve learnt and I’ve really noticed how the skills have improved over these first 4 months. I’m really glad I listened to your suggestions about taking some time between Prac and Master Prac, its like learning to drive, passing the test is only the beginning, I’ve learned so much more by actually using the skills.

The course notes have been invaluable (but beginning to show severe signs of wear :-)) …… and the CD’s, well they’re my favorite ……its like being able to have my own private trip back, where and whenever I want …….and they have been so good at reinforcing the learning.

Have to say that the course exceeded my expectations when I took it in Feb, but I’m even happier now as the results keep on coming and I am amazed how much of the course I have retained and managed to use…. suffice to say Steve I put it all down to the unique mix you manage to achieve at your NLP training courses i.e. your passion for NLP, that unique Boyleying training style, the personal attention you give each and every student on the course, the small group size, the relaxed and fun learning environment and the incredible mix of people that are drawn to the course.

I can’t wait to come back next Feb (who knows I might even get a decent fall of snow this time!) “

People like Paul say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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