NLP Vancouver: Entrepreneur Uses NLP At Home And Work

Christine Henderson. Entrepreneur. NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada.

NLP Vancouver, BC.“Since your NLP training I’ve found that I’ve been able to affect a great deal of change around me, making life operate much more smoothly for me and others. I knew I was good before, now I know I’m better!! I’ve been an NLP Practitioner for only a month and the results I have experienced has dramatically increased my “getting the results that I want” percentage, and oddly enough those around me seem to be getting more of what they want too.

On the home front, in 4 short weeks I have helped both kids reframe their perspective on school, homework & their ability to learn. Both teachers have commented on their increased pride in the work that they are doing and have also been rewarding the kids in class.

I’ve been able to help my partner reframe his perception of himself and his ability to deal with his EX (the kids mom) by having him examine all the evidence that contradicted his old state of not being able, and had him reframe and anchor his new reality of being able. What a difference that has made. I showed him mind mapping and he now has found the key to organize and access all the information he has put together for an important court date. When he saw how easy it was to jump back & forth between topics and have all the info right there I thought he was going to burst. It’s wonderful seeing him exude confidence in himself in areas that he thought were so hard before.

Work has been an interesting place in the past month, putting on a Molson Indy race in less than 80 days. I’ve stayed focused on my piece of the puzzle which involves organizing all the volunteers. It’s been much easier to motivate them and to help some move beyond their fears and take on new challenges with confidence. I’ve had to work out some interesting issues and found that if I stayed focused on what my intention was when raising the conflict, it was much easier to support the process of solution vs. just venting & bitching. By staying focused it prevented me from feeling defensive and that would have changed the tone & content of my language.”

People like Christine say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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