NLP Los Angeles: Review Of NLP Practitioner Training

Pam Feder, NLP Los Angeles, California (CA), USA. Entrepreneur.

NLP Los Angeles.NLP training review. Practitioner 1999


  •  Steven Boyley
  •  The Performance Institute of NLP
  •  co-trainer: Elizabeth Payea-Butler


  •  British Colombia Canada

Course Details

  • 8 days
  • 10 AM-10PM Daily but the time flew by
  • Complete workbook included
  • Nice sound system
  • spacious and comfortable training room; creatively designed for enhanced learning
  • small class format allowing plenty of individual attention while permitting group interaction
  • good coffee and tea always available, included at no charge
  • adequate break and meal periods


Steven Boyley – The Performance Institute

  • incredible high energy
  • sensational humor
  • compelling voice inflections that were intoxicating
  • concerned with the greater good of each student and the skills absorbed
  • continued support and training
  • well experienced in all techniques being taught and fantastic command of NLP
  • clear presentations with plenty of examples

Elizabeth Payea-Butler : Co-trainer

  • great story teller with powerful messages
  • creative approach to course exercises
  • a walking example of living NLP
  • command of pure NLP and DHE
  • hears MORE than what is said
  • intense giving of time, skills, experiences

Course content (AKA What I learned):

  • language information combinations that allow the practitioner to gain more from information coming in
  • techniques which allow the practitioner to get information to the listeners mind rapid and more effectively
  • techniques to effect change in the self as well as others, specifically; re-framing, phobia cures, time lines
  • methods of trance induction
  • skills to access how an individual wishes to be in rapport with others
  • the use of metaphor to deliver powerful messages
  • Patterns of speech that allow the practitioner to obtain the desired results in ANY situation
  • techniques that allow the practitioner to reach the subconscious mind of the self or others in order to learn ANYTHING easily and effectively
  • techniques to RECALL desired results in the self or in others at any time in the future
  • Techniques to gather MORE information from a subject allowing the practitioner and the subject a richer experience and deeper understanding
  • An entirely new language that takes surface structure, and reveals the deeper structure revealing MAGIC and power within

Specific Personal Results

  • Greater understanding of my present business partner’s mental map and have gotten results in working together where formerly it seemed impossible
  • 3 days post NLP Practitioner training course, I had my first private client for NLP change work
  • I have opened my NLP office and have successfully done change work in clients in the areas of
    • phobia
    • setting and understanding well-formed goals
    • smoking
    • wt. loss
    • relationship building
    • financial fears
  • I formatted my weekly sales meetings as NLP based meetings
    • attendance has grown
    • enthusiasm is at an all time high
    • Sales are up as well
  • successfully negotiated and was hired as an International artist representative and have secured my first client a prestigious art showing in a well known Beverly Hills Art Gallery
  • successfully coached a teenager to change feelings of intimidation in preparation for a pre-law club mock trial competition
  • daily realization of new skills at use and growing all the time


  • very affordable
  • comfortable spacious rooms
  • good dining options
  • pleasant and safe area
  • close to all amenities

Additional Comments

  • this course and skills were taught context free so the possibilities for use are infinite, changing
  • absolutely NEW, nothing like it on the seminar circuit
  • cheap at twice the price trust me
  • Steven Boyley’s continued NLP support and group on-line discussions are unequaled in trainings out there. Very available to the student on an ongoing basis.

People like Pam say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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