NLP Edmonton Alberta: Entrepreneur “Finds Herself” At NLP Training

Barbara Rice, Entrepreneur. NLP Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

NLP Edmonton, Alberta.“Since I have been back from taking your NLP training course I have been in such a good place with myself its beyond words sometimes. I hardly ever get excited about anything anymore without looking at the real picture. My feelings have become my focus when I am struggling with something. Most importantly when I feel they are not servicing me for that moment I will disassociate myself from it and behold I get better results about how I Barbara, listening, feeling and seeing things, has allowed me to be apart of the everyday things with such emotion, drive and motivation to be a better person.

Over the years I have always be trying to adopted everyone else’s beliefs instead of giving myself recognition. Taking your course has allowed me to see, feel and listen to myself for the first time. To be listening, feeling and seeing what Barbara is about, instead of others picture of me being what they would like me to be. I love me, and I am loved everyday I get the feedback.

You have given me tools to see, feel and listen to others, this allows me to become a better person who can love herself, despite what is outside of me. And knowing this allows me to love others unconditional, and the goal is to test this love with the tools you have given me and to listen, see, and feel the feedback. Feedback being the key word for me at this time, I love that word feedback, what a wonderful acknowledgement of who we are.

Again I must thank you for all your work and having compassion in your work… feedback.”

People like Barb say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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