NLP: Ohio Author Increases Communication Skills And Personal Power

Michelle Payton, National Award-winning Author, NLP Powell, Ohio, USA.

NLP Ohio, Powell.Owner/Founder of The Left Side (international wholesale distributor), Certified Hypnotherapist, Bachelor’s Communication Arts, Nationwide (U.S. and Canada) Radio Guest

“My stay at the hotel was safe, quaint, affordable, and friendly. Steve is a unique teacher that kept my attention for 8 straight days (for twelve plus hours per day)! He puts all of his teachings into action–Live Learning.  The concept that had the biggest impact on me is that NLP (from Steve’s perspective) is about communicating effectively to people in a way that “they” effectively understand it. As a professional communicator, (Author of multiple books, a speaker, a teacher, and radio guest nationwide) my communication skill level has increased multiple folds. In some workshops I might have one “ah ha” moment. In this workshop, it was a constant influx of “ah ha’s.” I frame my life more effectively and presuppose less in my communication. I feel more personal power as a result of this NLP training.”

People like Michelle say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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