NLP Vancouver: Value Well Exceeds The Cost

Dawson Barber, NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada.

NLP Vancouver BC.“I’d been interested in NLP training for probably 15 years, ever since I first read Unlimited Power. And year after year, I would reread Unlimited Power. I also added other titles to my annual read/reread ritual. Everything about NLP made sense to me and sounded great, but no matter what, I was unable to really integrate the skills to the point where I could use them consistently and really make them second nature.

Your training certainly changed that. You not only brought clarity to areas such as eye-accessing, rapport, calibration, congruency, meta programs, meta model, Milton model, anchoring and so many others; but you enabled me to fully understand and execute them consistently. I am beginning to catch myself watching peoples’ eyes, listening to the words they use, questioning their generalizations, deletions and distortions (and having fun with them doing so). Already I am no longer simply reacting to what people are saying; I am taking my time to really listen and understand them.

Steve, I think you know that I was not the “easiest” student to teach (it’s safe to say I’m a bit of a skeptic), but your methods impacted me very powerfully and you made the whole process a lot of fun.  Your patience with me was admirable, to say the least! You also took the time to work individually with those of us who were struggling with some of the exercises, and enabled us to gain the understanding we needed.

The location was an interesting choice, and one about which I initially had some reservations. It gave me a reason to see a part of our province I might not have had otherwise, and I found the city to be filled with really warm, friendly, hospitable people.

The time-frame was something else I was concerned with at first, and I know other students shared my feelings about it. Eight 12-hour days didn’t seem possible for someone who’s been out of school for about 20 years. But the time really went by so fast that I now wonder where it all went. I have to add that the Saturday to Saturday format is great because I only had to give up five working days. Also, the fact that the program didn’t start until 10 AM gave me time to conduct some business (as did the lunch breaks).

All in all, I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the training, your style, your city, and I have to give you top marks also on the value. There are few products, services, and experiences these days that you find where the value well exceeds the cost. Your training is one of them.”

People like Dawson say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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