NLP: Houston Texas Millionaire Strikes Paydirt At NLP Training

NLP Houston, Texas, USA.

NLP Houston TX.Don Bane. President. SouthlandsTexas Land Acquisition & Development.

“Cut to the chase! Steve will exceed every expectation you could possibly have for an NLP presenter. His NLP training course material, personal reference points and delivery method, combine to offer you a truly unique experience.

His beginning disclaimer is a precise description of what he intends to give. Content and Context from Steve are truly unique gifts. The content about NLP is broader and richer than you can find for twice the price and I encourage you to embrace every piece. Context is absolutely Steve and it won’t get deeper or better from anyone on this planet (You’ll see, believe me!}.

On a personal note, my three personal touchpoints with Steve justified the time, effort and money and the rest of the course was extra value.

His clarification of the META MODEL and the MILTON MODEL will change your learning experience about using NLP in communication. From the therapy standpoint, Steve will leave you with one single question for your client that guarantees you the quickest, best start for change. His willingness to share his personal initial learning experience and beginning baby steps, saves you and those around you many needless adjustments and trials. You simply get more. More NLP; More STEVE, than you can get anywhere else. GOT IT? GET IT! GO. You won’t regret it.”

People like Don say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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