Read All NLP Books And Still Not Get What You Learn In 8 Days With Steve Boyley

George Gold. Master Practitioner NLP Baja California, Mexico.

George, NLP Mexico.Having attended both NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner trainings with Steve Boyley, I am completely confident in my NLP abilities.

Steve uses NLP to teach NLP in a masterful way. He has the uncanny ability to teach a group and its individuals simultaneously.  Steve teaches NLP from the inside out in a very fun and practical manner. I found that I began at the core of the apple, pausing along the way to explore every element. Upon emerging at the surface I saw the entire apple and realized that I knew it well. The knowledge of this accomplishment was almost like an epiphany as I was able to hear, see and feel what I had gained.

I, like other fortunate students of Steve’s trainings, am a walking testimonial to his outstanding level of excellence and skill. You can read every book written on NLP and still not get what you learn in 8 days with Steve Boyley.

By now, you should be ready to sign up for Steve’s outstanding seminar. Your investment is small for the vast knowledge and life skills you get in return. If you want to learn NLP, Steve’s training will deliver!

Steve’s Performance Institute is aptly named, Steve performs the NLP training with incredible artistry and magic.  You will also perform incredibly well, once you complete his seminar.

Whatever your purpose and goal is in life, you will find many ways to apply NLP. By the first day, you will notice the changes happening in your thought processes and your heightened senses, becoming aware of the change you are receiving.

Find your dream and build it by signing up now for Steve’s course!

People like George say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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