Alberta Lawyer Has “Best Time Of His Life” Taking Son To NLP Training

Eric Rounce, NLP Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada.

NLP Alberta lawyer & son. B.Comm. (Hons), M.B.A., LLb., Member of the Bars of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

“Richard Bandler would be proud of Steve Boyley! Classic NLP taught in clear straightforward terms at conscious and unconscious levels. It is truly a delight to receive more than your money’s worth in a training session. Steve delivers the goods! No sham here. When I found out about Steve’s course just over two years ago, I was looking for instruction in NLP which I could afford, in Canada and of great quality. I had been book learning about NLP off and on since 1984. I could never seem to “get it” from a book. This in itself is humbling for a lawyer with three university degrees. You really have to attend an NLP training to have the benefits of experience and unconscious installation.

nlp-student-rounce-03I was impressed with Steve in my initial telephone call with him. When I mentioned I wanted to have my teenagers trained, his whole state immediately lit up. He truly enjoys teaching youth and, like me, appreciates the benefits a young person gains from having this technology early on in life. Initial impressions can deceive and with some trepidation I committed to the training for myself and my 15 year old son.


In eight days, I had the BEST TIME OF MY LIFE! Not only did I receive excellent instruction in NLP technology, personal growth and a relaxing holiday, I also had the thrill of watching the lights go on in my son. My boy became self aware. He came out of his shell. He became adept in interpersonal skills! He was a delight to all the NLP students and the instructor as well. Even though my son has been talking of a future career in the medical profession, I can now see this as a reality. The world has become his cornucopia.

Don’t expect a therapeutic emphasis in the training, although Steve is competent in this area. Don’t expect salesman training, although Steve can be described as a master in this area. Don’t expect managerial emphasized training, even though you will obtain skills in this area. DO EXPECT CLASSICAL NLP training which you CAN APPLY IMMEDIATELY to your present and future endeavors. I wholeheartedly recommend NLP training with Steve and we may be fortunate enough to share the experience when I return for the master training.”

People like Eric say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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