NLP Nova Scotia: Review Of Master Practitioner Course

Mike Lalonde, CHt. Master NLP Nova Scotia, Canada.

NLP Nova Scotia.“Once again, I find myself here in this course running the same hours, and once again I’m having the same excellent experience! Only the dates have changed…only the dates have changed??? Who am I fooling?

Now I could write up a review that would contain a lot of the information that my last review did or I could give you a better insight to what taking a NLP course with Steve Boyley is going to do for you!

Why I choose to return to Steve.

There is nothing that compares with personal experience. And since I had already experienced first hand the skilled magic of Steve Boyley’s NLP instruction, I opted to further my education in NLP with Steve. I had asked other Master NLPer’s that had received training from other trainers prior to their Master training with Steve and they only verified exactly what I already knew. Simply put, Steve’s NLP training provides the most comprehensive and practical instruction in NLP. His utilization of NLP to teach NLP is his assurance (and yours) that you will receive the knowledge you need to utilize NLP effectively.

What I got from this course

As I am sure you have already read in this website. Steve teaches his practitioners and master practitioners at the same time. The practitioners are exposed to all the master’s material.

So, what did I get out of this course, having already taken his practitioner’s course?

Depth and elegance and self directed learning! Not only, did I receive a GREAT review of what I had learned on my practitioner’s course, I also found myself looking deeper into every subject and catching critical information that I had missed the first time around. Information like: Identification and utilization of individual’s META programs and why they are so important in effecting change, the power of presuppositions, my understanding of the Meta model and Milton model took on a whole new dimension when coupled with learning how to elegantly deliver Slight of Mouth and other reframing patterns.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial skills I have learned was the uncanny ability to utilize my NLP knowledge to further my NLP understanding. To view or hear some behavior that I don’t understand, study it for a bit, then break it down and in doing so gain some insightful and useful information about said behavior. And after that, being able to utilize this information to best serve my clients and myself.

What happened between this course and the last course?

What has this course REALLY done for me? I completed my practitioner’s course in July. I had left with 18 of 20 personal well-formed goals (2 were accomplished while I was still on course). Less than a year later, I’d accomplished all but three of those goals. Those three goals are scheduled for completion in the near future; otherwise they would also have been completed. One of these achieved goals was to start my own successful business. Not only am I a happier me, I’m a freer me too! My life was changed dramatically for the better that July, on many different levels and my life was pretty good before I came on course!

If I had a chance to go back in time before I knew NLP, (knowing what I know now!) would I do the practitioner’s course again …ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! No matter what your walk in life is, NLP can help you achieve that which you desire!

What’s been going on since my last course?

It’s been three months since my Master Practitioner’s course. I would love to say that I got ‘more than I expected’ however, having the privilege of being taught by someone as skilled in teaching as Steve Boyley, left me getting EXACTLY what I expected! Of course, I had an EXTREMELY HIGH level of expectation prior to the course!

The past few months I’ve been finding that I am having an even easier time helping my clients deal with their issues and have even noticed further positive changes in my own person. In order to fully appreciate the true value one gets from this Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming course, one must experience it for themselves. I liken it unto the movie ‘The Matrix’ where you begin to see the programs rather than just the obvious!

Does NLP have something for everyone?

Are you an individual that is looking for a better way? Are you the type of person who wants to improve upon their self and / or their relationships, both new and old? Then NLP is what you want. Do you want to excel in every facet of your life? Then NLP is what you want! And Steve Boyley is the right person to show you how to achieve your goals.

So what’s the bottom line?

The Bottom line: Did I get what I wanted from the Master Prac course? ABSOLUTELY! With the knowledge I have now, would I choose to do my Master Pracs with Steve Boyley again? ABSOLUTELY! Do I recommend that you take this seminar? ABSOLUTELY !!!!

Once again, Thank you Steve!”

People like Mike say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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