NLP Minnesota USA: Life Coach Fundamentally Transformed

Carrie Mackerwicz, Life Coach. NLP Minnesota, USA.

NLP Minnesota Life Coach“I have been pleased far beyond my expectations with Steve Boyley’s NLP training and the resulting transformed world into which I have since emerged. Steve was more than adept, displaying not only a mastery of the concepts he taught, but also an elegantly effective teaching style laced with a charisma and bold humor that is impossible not to love.

The set-up was easy with very affordable lodging right across the street from the seminar. I was amazed at how friendly and hospitable the staff was. While it was a peaceful place with a lovely park and gorgeous surroundings, my mind was so compelled in the inward direction for those eight days that I might not have noticed much if the seminar had been conducted in the middle of a construction site.

I thoroughly enjoyed immersion into the world of NLP and the mind during lectures, during the many exercises we did to practice the principles, and during class breaks and mealtimes while sharing ideas with classmates. These interactions were one of my favorite aspects of the seminar, providing quality friends with whom I will be able to have quality conversations about reality and the magical potentials of the mind for years to come.

The ability to teach well is a gift, and the depth of Steve’s teaching is at least three-fold. First, he is a living, walking, constant example of the principles he teaches. As most are aware, this is one of the most effective ways to teach, and for me it was a great inspiration. Second, he brings the teaching itself alive with a tremendous capacity to impart information in such a way that it is enticing and fun to sit back and just drink it all in. He does this with numerous true stories, metaphors, jokes, and various other forms of quirky, if delightfully irreverent entertainment. This seminar would have been worth the money for the eight straight days of quality entertainment alone.  And of course not even the most talented wordsmith, storyteller or comedian can do justice to teaching concepts if he does not first have a crystalline, precise understanding of the material itself. Steve obviously does. Whether through creative or the most simple means, he always found a stellar way to transmit the information. And, his attention to individuals and their questions/feedback/concerns was generous. The third, and probably most powerful aspect of Steve’s teaching was his direct installation into the class (using the very same NLP skills he was teaching) of the confidence and belief in our abilities to learn and utilize our own NLP skills. I was touched in fact, by the attention he devoted to understanding where each class member was at in his/her mind and then tailoring his programming to assist each individual in the areas where he/she needed it most. I imagine that this programming is why I left after the eight days feeling very much like my world had changed.

While I’ve left most seminars before feeling profoundly inspired, this time I felt not only inspired in my conscious mind, but also fundamentally transformed. I have felt far more confident and immediately had a notable effect on the people around me in terms of advertising my services as a life coach, and in having a more powerful effect on my clients in session. This pleasant effect is snowballing as each day I get more inspired, feel more of my own value, and my creative visions for the future grow more clear.

Some added bonuses we received have allowed me to keep alive the spirit of the seminar and easily continue to learn and progress. These include two manuals complete with information and exercises on most topics we covered in the class: representational systems, sub-modalities, eye-accessing cues, rapport building, hypnosis, meta model, milton model, language and tonality, the T.O.T.E. model, anchoring, mind maps, strategy elicitation, DHE and a lot more. Steve also gave us two CD’s, one on hypnosis and the other on negotiation, both valuable tools to learn by and powerful anchors to bring back the feeling of the seminar and the inspiration it provided. With all of these continuing tools it is almost as if the seminar hasn’t ended.

My new experience that began with the seminar continues to grow, making more solid my presence as the person I really am and more deep my conviction that the ability to create any reality I please, is as simple as making a choice.

I whole-heartedly recommend Steve Boyley of The Performance Institute for NLP practitioner training.”

People like Carrie say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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