NLP Changed My Life, In A Very Good Way. More Fun, Sales, Freedom And …

Faisal Kahattak, Entrepreneur, NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada.


The LeaderSmith

I am still affected by this NLP course I attended two years ago…in a very good way! I blame Steve Boyley‘s training for making me lose my faith and trust in people, signs and billboards…again, in a very good way.

Before this life-changing training I would believe in whatever others would promise to me and was quick to make decisions based on the messages portrayed on a sign, billboard or a TV commercial. Now I like to dissect these messages and love to find out the actual reason or need behind them. It’s like getting a back stage pass to meet the actual singer after watching their staged performance.

The moment I saw Steve talking about his NLP program in one of the seminars I was attending, I knew he knew his shit. I signed up right away and that was one of the most rewarding contract I signed in my life.

Being with him in his training is like a kid in the candy store. There is so much cool knowledge he delivers in his unique and engaging way that sometimes you don’t know what to do with it. At times I wished I had two brains so I could absorb more of his wisdom, like wishing having two bags on a Halloween night.

Steve and Diane are the best tag team in this industry delivering solid punches full of entertaining NLP skills and on top of that…no low blows.

When I came back from his 8 days of intensive and immersive training, it changed my life…again, in a very good way. My communication with my family, friends and employees have massively improved. I am able to effortlessly convey my message and get what I want. I have more deeper and juicier one-one talks with my wife and daughters. I have seen a massive growth in my Speaking and Coaching career after putting to work the amazing skills I learned from Steve.

If you are still on the fence thinking about this training, think no more. With every day passing by not having Steve’s training, you are losing the opportunity to have more fun, more sales, more freedom and more sex! My advice, get to Steve’s training ASAP.

Thank you Steve and Diane for making a big change in my life… in a very good way!

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