NLP Oregon Realtor: “I told my wife it wasn’t a vacation. Wow was I wrong! It was an absolute blast.”

Mike Rohrig, Realtor, NLP Oregon, USA.


“The Steve Boyley NLP practitioner training was absolutely fantastic. He made what many feel is a difficult subject, easy to learn and practical.  I couldn’t believe at the end of the training how much I learned !!

I told my wife it wasn’t a vacation because it was a 12 hour a day training minus lunch breaks. Wow was I wrong! It was an absolute blast and I have made life long friends. I haven’t laughed so consistently for 8 days in my life.

Steve made this an open learning event with no question unanswered and always ready to help. The exercises quickly set the principles and ideas in your mind. The cost of the training was less than I had ever seen and I couldn’t imagine higher quality NLP training. The city is beautiful, the people hospitable and the lodging great and affordable.

I will repeat what another student said, “So much better than I imagined, and I am hard to please.” Thank you so much. I will be back for more and maybe take my wife on your splendid vacation.

Use this in any form, take excerpts, whatever. Thank you very much Steve.”

People like Mike say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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