Meta Master NLP Vancouver Learns Amnesia Patterns

Trevor Shea, Master Tattoo Artist & Master Practitioner NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada.

NLP Vancouver.NLP Amnesia Patterns, GetaGrip! Got your attention…. yep.


Brilliant, Steve Boyley packed an omni-directional metaphor into a single word and added a suggestion to do this, GetaGrip!. Multiple levels of interaction, of process and the ability to act and influence at any level we find ourselves. What does the thesaurus say about leverage? Do you know?


In the context of his business (One of Steve Boyley’s companies sells traction systems called GetaGrip!) it is his leverage to inspire a transaction and for the client, it is their decision to purchase (firm contact, grip) the product. Steve Boyley introduced a metaphor many times throughout his NLP training course, that I identified with this cyclical statement; “The PROCESS is the product”. Definitely the most valuable product we could, by and by, end up purchasing.


The last night of the NLP Master Training seminar, Saturday night at the party, I noticed Steve Boyley’s reactions when I asked if he induced trance on a particular delegate earlier that night. Of course I knew he had, and of course I was really encouraging a demonstration of how. That is, how to easily, covertly, induce trance in an individual who can make and identify many levels of correlation simultaneously. How to get past their defenses; their conscious watchdog programs.

A demonstration of many strategies and techniques:

Steve Boyley answered my question by covertly putting me into trance while we watched and enjoyed what was going on around us. He demonstrated to me through my experience.

  • Utilization of ongoing events as anchors.
  • Nested loops containing anchors as pivot points to be triggered later, creating leverage.
  • Inducing and intensifying desired states.
  • Ordinal numbers in the form of points, one of which trails off into nonsense by being irrelevant, or by being a ludicrous statement of word salad, which then elicits a response composed of word salad. An indication that frantic trans-derivational activity is going on.
  • Fractionalization, interspersing ‘normal’ communication with all the above devices to bring me in and out of trance.
  • Using specific trance anchors, such as “vegetable shaped spacecraft”, to bring me back into a specific level of trance.
  • Auditory anchors to cognitive understanding; like hearing his usage of narrative in the seminar. Then hearing those words again, bringing everything together, opening up the rich reservoir of information.

The duration of the experience reinforced for me the patterns Steve Boyley used, creating now another level of communication. As a result of the above combination of techniques there were sections of dialogue and events, at the party, that I could not hear or see on recollection. This rhythm of awareness to amnesia, created in me an awareness to amnesia and the many combinations of techniques I can now use to induce it.

One morning, a few days after the NLP Master Training course, Steve Boyley called me about his *AMNESIA* for finishing something he had started talking to me about, an idea for my business. The conversation tied everything together, completing all the loops about another level of communication; amnesia.

Lead lead lead until you have all the leverage you need need need.

Then pace their experience, noticing the state changes, leading them again via anchors into the specific states you designed. Then calibrate, being sure you have them in that state and seed seed seed specific suggestions into that level of awareness. Then the same for any additional levels, or states, that were created.

Now being covert works best when the secret is out in the open.

Tell them what you’re doing and they forget what you’re doing in the process. The best place to hide something is right out in the open. The conscious mind gets caught up in the details and as a result (7+/-2) it has amnesia for them while the unconscious is assisted in understanding by the initial disclosure and agrees to help you do the work.

All, in all (ha ha), a very powerful way to impart! Thanks.

People like Trevor say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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