Jakarta Indonesia NLP Trainer Finds What’s Missing

Hingdranata Nikolay, Trainer of NLP Jakarta Utara, Indonesia.

Hing, NLP Jakarta Indonesia.“I’ve learned NLP from 4 different gurus, read a lot of books on NLP and of course earned my Master Prac certification with Steve and Prac Certification from an institution in other country. After earning my Prac Certification, and through some years of NLP readings, I focused a lot on NLP methodology. Maybe it was only my own taking of NLP, using my own MAP. I knew that there was something missing and that I didn’t know what I supposed to know in order to complete my learning.

Within the 8 days, Steve showed me a different approach to NLP and Hypnotherapy learning. He exposed to me a lot of ‘linguistic’ and communication parts of NLP that were not on my MAP before, and which are exciting and thought provoking. My MAP on NLP and life was broadened and enriched. Awesome! I would recommend him to anybody who would want to be exposed more on NLP way of communicating. Steve ‘walks the talk’!

Now I’m able to use more effectively what I learn in the Prac certification and other Hypnotherapy classes. In my NLP training classes and therapy room, I use a lot of things I learned from the 8 days in Canada.

Steve is an excellent NLP Trainer!”

People like Hing say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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