NLP Nova Scotia: Navy Man Finds New Direction

Mike Lalonde. CHt, NLP Nova Scotia, Canada.

NLP Nova Scotia.“I attended the The Performance Institute of NLP NLP training during July in British Columbia. Steve Boyley, the instructor, is an intelligent and personable man with a strong desire for his students to have a complete understanding of NLP. Even after the course Steve follows up with each student, reminding them to review the manuals and listens to the 2 CDs in order to completely retain all that was taught on his course. Steve teaches NLP by using NLP and his emphasis is on the practical application of NLP, rather then the terminology. This is not to say that he doesn’t cover the terminology in a thorough manner. Steve is a high energy individual and lives what he teaches. He is the same person in and out of the classroom.

nlp-student-mlalonde-02Steve explained all issues / topics of NLP clearly. I feel I had a good grasp of each application after hearing and practicing each topic he lectured on. He is a patient instructor, who will take the time to make sure you see and understand any points that may have not been ‘loud and clear’ during his lectures.

During the course you gain exceptionally useful knowledge; how to gain / maintain and break rapport, how to produce ‘well formed goals’ that achieve positive results and excellent negotiation and communication skills (Meta / Milton). When you take this course, you will begin to identify and work with submodalites, anchors, and strategies to become effective at using your brain for a change. Not only will you have a strong understanding of linguistics, you will gain the ability to ‘model’ excellence. What I found impressive was learning how each skill and sub-skill relates to and uses each other to produce positive outcomes.

nlp-student-mlalonde-04At first I was perhaps a bit apprehensive about 12hr of instructions a day and was worried a bit about the retention of the amount of info taught each day. Of course, when you learn NLP by NLP, you’ve already learned what you are going to learn several hours before it is taught. This becomes evident to you later, that night just before and after you’ve fallen asleep. CONFUSED? NLP Rocks! SWEET! FIRE those neuro- pathways!

I loved this course. It has been a month since I finished this course and I’m still receiving insight from Steve’s teachings. It has changed my life in many positive ways. I’ve found that I am better able to focus on my goals (which are now ‘well formed’). This has drastically simplified my life and made me a happier me. In every facet of my life, I have felt a positive rippling effect!

Another positive outcome is a clear ability to help other people to help themselves either overtly or covertly. Since my graduation and certification as a NLP practitioner / Hypnotherapist, I’ve already helped several clients to:

  • Overcome phobias and fears
  • Set achievable goals
  • Two of my friends have become smoke-free for over 3 weeks now

nlp-student-mlalonde-03I’ll remember this course with great fondness for the rest of my life, because of the friends I made there and the rich experience they brought with them to make this course a “sweet” experience indeed! Everything; our ‘lesson in the park’; the walking tour given by Steve afterwards; our lunches out together; all this made the course, but mostly our breaks in between, because it was there that we put into practice that which we learned in a realistic environment. And it was there, that I watched us gradually become efficient linguists. OH YEAH!!! …..The training…… that was awesome too!

After you complete this course, you too will see exactly why so many in my class have said “The course is worth the investment”

I went into this NLP training as someone who had an interest in NLP after having done a bit of research and reading a few books. I have emerged from the NLP training course as a more confident individual and am confident of my own abilities as an NLP practitioner. I’m not saying that I “know it all”, I don’t! What I am saying is I know that with NLP if there is something I want to know, I will know it well and in a short period of time.

If you desire to excel in any or all areas of your life, then I would highly recommend that you take the course. If you are uncertain as to whether you should take the course, then you should take the course as the experience alone is worth the money! As for myself, I am a NLP practitioner who fully intends to become an NLP Master Practitioner under the tutelage of Steve ‘Boyleying point’ Boyley.

Thanks for everything Steve!”

People like Mike say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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