NLP Training Enhanced My Written And Verbal Language

Donna Albro. Diversity Director and School Liaison, NLP Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Dona, NLP Minneapolis, MN.“During the last month I have been expanding my notes, listening to my CDs and reviewing the material we went over supplemented by what I was reading before I took the course with you.

Thank you. The NLP training course covered so much information in a way that I did not even know, but comes back to me as I do my daily review. The way I use language, both written and verbal, has been enhanced. I know that my book project will sing now that I understand how to create documents and presentations that sing.

I also know that as I move through the world, I listen and watch in a new way. I understand how reality is created and how I can consciously shape mine. Thank you again for everything. The training had been a dream of mine since 2006 and now I am beginning to figure out ways to soar!”

People like Donna say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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