NLP New York, NY: Steve Is Unique, He Changed My Life.

Geoff Blades, NLP New York, NY, USA.

Geoff, NLP New York.“Steve changed my life and taught me NLP beyond the next level.

Steve is an exceptional NLP trainer. I have met many trainers and after training with Steve for Prac and Master Prac, went on to become an NLP trainer myself.

I had studied NLP for some time before I trained with Steve, but it was his NLP training that taught me NLP. Steve’s balance of conscious and unconscious work is phenomenal. In both Prac and Master Prac training he helped me take big steps and also taught me NLP at a deep level.

There is no one in NLP like Steve Boyley. I recommend everyone train with him.”

People like Geoff say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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