NLP Vancouver: Consultant Learns Methodology Is The “NLP” Key

Stephan P. Stavrakis. Consultant, NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada.

nlp-student-steph“Upon my arrival, I did not know what to expect. I must admit that my decision to go to THE PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE was quick and not really thoroughly studied. So I had my doubts about the venue, the training and the course material.

What I did know is that I had confidence in the trainer because of listening to him. It only took a couple live audio chats to be totally confident in Steve Boyley as a trainer. He is a dynamic, enthusiastic individual that has the uncanny ability to empower you by supercharging your brain with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge of the METHODOLOGY of NLP.

I say methodology because the technology can be learned by books, tapes and internet articles. When you learn the methodology of NLP you will have the ability to CREATE technology such as patterns, interventions etc. on your OWN!!! With this empowerment you are quickly entranced by your own ability to create rapid and lasting change in yourself as well as others. This, in my opinion sets Steve Boyley and THE PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE apart from the rest of the crowd.

The venue to my pleasant surprise was wonderful and refreshing, as if I was in Hawaii learning in a pleasurable environment. Unlike trainings where you have to write tests and memorize terms etc.. Steve’s NLP training was a relaxing and at the same time a POWERHOUSE of knowledge that engulfs your every neurotransmitter, energizing your neurology with a completely different way to look at the world. Teaching you that EVERYONE is special and gifted, and now you will have the confidence and ability to show everyone their own magic within.

One of the biggest impacts of the training is that in day three I did a conscious search to see what I had learned, to my surprise I didn’t think that I had learned a thing until I looked around the room at all the posters and chuckled to myself as I became consciously aware that I knew EVERYTHING on all the posters. WOW! A completely covert teaching method. By the fourth and fifth day you have the ability and flexibility to shift states and create any state of mind that you desire.

You know how you feel when you just got a bonus? That’s how you feel on the sixth, seventh and eighth days.

There are no words to explain the world that has opened before me thanks to Steve Boyley. It is now only one month after the training, I am well on my way to tripling my income and the world is just waiting for me to empower it one brain at a time. The coolest thing is that after you finish the course you will be in the same or even a better position than I am. And that is worth more than twice the price of the training.

Just a thought. Changing the world by empowering people!! One mind at a time.”

People like Stephan say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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