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Derrich Milne. Master NLP Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Derich, NLP Calgary.“In 1992 a good friend of mine introduced me to NLP and I was so impressed by it that I dedicated ALL my resources to learning NLP with some very experienced trainers: Eric Robbie and Christina Hall in both Toronto and Montreal for my Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training and then went half way around the world a few months later for more training with Judith Delozier and many other trainers in Bali Indonesia – that was in the summer of 1993.

I have used NLP consciously and unconsciously over the last 20 years but I was wondering what I had forgotten. And so I felt this year I should re-fresh my training and so on Richard Bandler’s recommendations I attended the NLP Master Practitioner with Steve Boyley. The cost was not only the price of the course and hotel (which is quite modest) but also lost income by not working as a consultant during that week.

Steve’s NLP training had so many improvements on the material I learned in 1992 / 1993 that not only did I refresh my understandings but I re-experienced NLP as an entirely new dimension of reality.

Previously (19 years ago) much NLP training could turn into dramatic “therapy on stage” – which was rather hard to apply to one’s life (unless you are a therapist who could use the therapeutic models). Steve’s training is much more focused on life skills, communication skills, business skills, relationship skills, sales skills, negotiations skills and performance skills! He does include a therapeutic perspective, except it does not dominate the trainings – rather he demonstrates a completeness of how the skills can be applied in so many contexts.

Steve is “up-to-date” on NLP which is of immense importance – as it is constantly evolving. He even throws in explanations of some methods for “Hypnosis On Stage” skills which are extremely valuable for de-mystifying what appears to be extreme – extreme – extreme trance !

And, when you think the day’s NLP training is over – and you go out for refreshments with Steve and his wife Diane after dinner – they are still giving NLP lessons! It is literally a non-stop learning experience.

Steve Boyley provides a genuine, compassionate and brilliant learning adventure where no mental darkness can survive. It is like having the sun switched on in one’s consciousness!

Steve’s wife Diane – who appears to be participating as part of the audience – is also somehow involved in the trainings in the back of everyone’s mind. Let’s just say her mastery of NLP is not to be underestimated and she is working with Steve to effect learning(s) in the unconscious mind in ways you would never even begin to imagine.

Thanks Steve and Diane – it was a great pleasure to meet you both and learn from you.

Best Regards,

Derrich Milne 403-473-3949″

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