NLP Training Creates Key Life Distinctions For Winnipeg Entrepreneur

Douglas Perras. Owner – Nepal Gifts, Practitioner of NLP Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

NLP Winnipeg, Manitoba.“If I had only made one key distinction in my life, it would have been worth the cost. Not only have I quit smoking, increased my business profits and developed my communication skills…. I have also assisted friends and family with personal limitations, effective goal setting and relaxation techniques. Two days after the course I almost burst into laughter as I effectively put someone into hypnosis and cured their snoring. I was amazed!!!

From start to finish, I felt as if my personal needs were being met with each new technique that Steve introduced. The informal setting allows people to relax and learn effectively. And the structure of the course allows for a large amount of retention in a short period of time.

At any time that I or anyone else felt that they didn’t get it, Steve would make sure they did. No one was left behind. As Steve says, “It’s not what you know, but what you do with what you know.” and he made sure that each of us knew how to use the skills effectively, not just be able to talk about the process. Even after the course has completed, if I have a specific question, I can expect a prompt reply.

Almost everyday I realize a new distinction or lesson that I got from the training as I apply them to my life. I look forward to doing my Master Practitioner Training with Steve in the near future and highly recommend his NLP training course to anyone who wants to learn how to effectively communicate with themselves and others.”

People like Douglas say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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