NLP Los Angeles: Professional Actor Empowered And Entertrained

Interview With Dar Dixon. NLP Los Angeles, CA, USA.

NLP Los Angeles.Professional actor Dar Dixon is a rising star on the Hollywood scene. Watch for him on your screen. Here are his comments about his NLP training experience.

What skills were taught?

Extraordinary Communication Skills!! I now have the ability to EFFECTIVELY and ELEGANTLY communicate, negotiate, resolve, entrance, and hypnotize. YEA!!!

What was the teaching quality?

The teaching quality was very good. The course follows a structured outline; however, the delivery is (seemingly) unstructured. It was unique and effective. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Did the trainer explain clearly?

Yes. Steve takes all the time that is needed to make sure everyone understands the material. Questions are encouraged.

Did he help when you had trouble?


Was he patient?

Yes. He MAY also BE A PATIENT – in ‘loony’ bin. HA! HA! That was very punny of me!

How long was the training?

8 days long. Each day went from 10-10. There were plenty of breaks and 2 long meal breaks.

Where did you stay?

I stayed at the Motel, right across the street from the Venue. It was clean, quiet, comfortable and safe. And, it’s considerably less expensive than anywhere else.

Was it worth the money?

The entire experience was well worth the money I spent. As of this writing, I am still discovering the enormous amount of information that I received!

What did you like about the training?

I loved the loose, casual feel of it. Some may find it a bit unusual. Especially if you’re only seminar experience has been “corporate” and/or scholarly. Personally, I have discovered that this type (loose) atmosphere is the MOST conducive to EFFORTLESS LEARNING. I am surprised everyday by the “stuff” that I use because of it.

What didn’t you like?

I have no complaints!

How did it compare to other trainings (and which, specifically)?

I left Steve’s training feeling satisfied and sure of the material. I have attended seminars by Ross Jeffries and Al & Marilyn Sargent. Both employed a similar teaching style. Both were very unstructured and the information was not necessarily presented in the most coherent way.

What outcomes can you now reach that you couldn’t before?

I KNOW that I can achieve any goal that I set for myself. And, I can accomplish them with a variety of different approaches.

Can you give examples of situations you’ve been in where you acted differently because of the training?

Immediately upon my return home, I helped an acquaintance by using elicitation strategies to uncover her problem. We agreed upon some specific suggestions for her unconscious mind that would be the most beneficial for her situation. Then, with her permission, I induced her into a hypnotic trance, gave her the suggestions and brought her back out of trance. She was absolutely delighted and was looking forward to discovering the results!

What was different?

I came home BUZZING with excitement and energy and desire. I had wanted to take NLP training for the last 15 years. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of information. I feel unstoppable, confident, happy and raring to attack life!

Were there any supplementary materials, handouts, or workbooks?

Yes, there were plenty. Plus, we were surprised by receiving 2 bonus CD’S from Steve. One dealt with Negotiation Skills and the other with Hypnosis Skills. All of the materials, handouts and workbooks were very helpful. The CD’S are packed full of fantastic information. It’s like having a mini refresher course to listen to at my leisure.

How was the content?

The content was presented in a variety of ways so that all would be able to see how the information being presented could be applied to their field of expertise.

The presentation quality?

Steve has an infectious, upbeat, positive attitude that permeates the air. He brings it with him wherever he goes! I really appreciated that, considering the amount of info and time that we spent together in the training. Steve also possesses one of the CRAZIEST personalities that you will ever meet…on this planet!!! He laughs constantly. He is very sharp and very funny. There were at least a dozen times that I was in tears from laughter. HE IS MY KIND OF GUY.

People like Dar say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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