NLP Alberta: Wilderness Guide Learns To Control Corporate Audiences

Brenda Holder. NLP Alberta, Canada.

NLP Alberta Guide.President, Ultimate Playtime Holistic Adventures Inc.

“I really enjoyed taking the NLP training in September by Steve Boyley and I felt a few comments would be in order, since there were so many great things that came out of the training for me.

The B&B I stayed at was excellent, and myself and the other guest staying there commented on the “family” feel of the place. The price was very reasonable! You get a comfortable room and an awesome breakfast. The choice of places to eat was a bonus; in particular, it is very handy to have so many choices in such a close proximity to the training.

The other students also added a lot of fun to the class time, and having a full complement of students is a valuable learning experience in itself. International and national alike, we all learned a great deal from one another and many of us are still in touch.

The skills taught were as per the outline, the trainer; Steve Boyley delivered what I expected and more. His teaching style was refreshing and the explanations cleared up a lot of questions I had about NLP. The mere fact that I attended this training is a testament to the fact that it just can’t be learned from a book! Everyone at the training I discussed this with agreed that now we can go back and read those books to finally gain from them! Before the training, things just did not make sense, and now with a greater understanding of the components of NLP and the model of it, I feel that I can pick up a book or a video on NLP and understand what I am reading or viewing. Steve’s explanations were very good and when there was still confusion, he used as many ways of explaining the concept as it took for us to gain an understanding. Thanks for being so patient and not giving up on us Steve!

The training was of eight days duration, and I can not believe that someone would think you could do all that in a three day course. There was sufficient practice time, time to ask questions, and plenty of time to learn and understand the ideas. If the course was less than eight days, I think it would have caused a lot of confusion; any longer than eight days would have caused my neural network to frazzle! For the duration, the content and the little extras, the value for the training was excellent and well worth the price!

What I liked most about the training was how we learned to do something, and then learned the theory behind it! A double whammy! There was nothing in particular that I did not like about the training, although my least favorite thing was the length of time of the days; however, I can certainly understand the logic behind it. In comparison to other trainings, this one rocks, I did one with the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and although it was good, it left me somewhat confused (it was only three days). Steve cleared up a lot of questions I had (without even having to ask them!) and I began to piece it together in a more logical form for myself, which I could not before. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I fully believe, that hypnosis should never be taught without having a good understanding of NLP, and I think Steve Boyley’s training is one that should be implemented into the ABH!

The most useful aspect taught in the NLP training that allowed me to reach outcomes I couldn’t before is the “mind control panel!” What a useful tool. It enabled me to get on the phone to Corporations to sell my guiding programs. I have never been able to do that before! As a guide I am often asked to give presentations on Bears, Aboriginal History etc, and although I can do this while guiding, it was difficult to get up in front of a group of people in a board room to do this. However, now I am able to act differently because of this training, before I might get defensive with controversial questions, now I can detach myself and deliver a neutral answer, without getting caught up in the emotions.

The supplemental CD’s, handouts and the workbooks were great. The content is pretty full on, and I can easily refer to those materials when I need to. Overall the presentation of the training was exceptional, and I gained far more out of it than I expected. The rest is up to me now to make the most of it: practice, practice, practice!”

People like Brenda say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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