Problematic Relationships Mended And Strengthened

Ryan Thomas. B.Sc, C.Ht, NLP Vancouver, BC, Canada.

nlp-student-ryant“How do you really put words to passion? In ways that people struggle to describe the most powerful of emotions, is similar to the way I have struggled over the past few months to determine the best way to express my appreciation. For Steve’s course provided me better understanding of language, the structure of thought, completely new insight into my own mind, and most especially into reality.

By using the skills of NLP learned when you take Steve Boyley’s NLP training, either now or later, you will find amazing results. I have been able to mend and then strengthen past problematic working relationships in a field where trust and respect are crucial to the success of the organization. In my part time hypnotherapy practice, I have been able to effect REAL powerful change in clients whom, before I had taken this course, I was unable to help.

Our mind and our language is what we use the most of every day of our lives, yet no one before has ever taught us how to properly create congruence between our words, our minds and the minds of others. Thank you Steve, for providing real value. The course of developing your communication is one that enjoys continual positive attention, and that is certainly something you will receive when you take Steve Boyley’s NLP training.”

People like Ryan say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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