NLP Training Delivers More Value Than Marketing Claims

Steve Hobbs. NLP Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Steve, NLP

“Saturday morning a group of individuals met for the appointed 10:00 AM start of the NLP training course. By day 3, they were naturally grouping, and by the end of the course all (including 3 faculty) were a community. All is a testament to Steve, Diane and Meghan’s enthusiasm for the course material, the NLP learning approach experienced and their caring about us.

Of what was promised in the marketing collateral, even more was delivered. When extra value is shared in a supportive ecology, then all you can do is learn and take action for living your great life. Personally, my intention was to immerse myself in the content. I did so, and left with great insights, applicable approaches and a keen wish of returning for more. Steve Boyley rocks!

And to be fair – let me share a short personal story. Prior to the workshop I went though some intense in and up, and out and around conversations with several people about NLP and Steve as a provider. Through investigation and discussions I journeyed the gambit of skepticism through humming and hawking to eventually agreeing to attend. It was after my straightforward conversation with Steve I received the insights I needed. Bottom line – if any doubt arises no matter the question, phone Steve and ask your questions; then you will know. I’m thrilled I did! Thanks Steve! “

People like Steve say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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