Steve’s course IS NLP!

Vlad M. NLP Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Vlad, NLP Calgary.“There are many books about NLP, there are video seminars about it, and, believe it or not, I heard there are even courses about NLP. When you visit Steve’s first lesson get ready to discover something very different – Steve’s course IS NLP!

This NLP training course is full of rock-n-roll energy, vivid colors, overwhelming emotions, it is about getting you straight into Performing NLP until you will hardly remember there were times you didn’t. It is amazing to discover you effectively communicate, entrance, introduce changes in others and yourself all of your life and here you are to learn do that at any time, at your will, with your own elegancy.

There are three months now that passed after my course. And I find myself three months later flipping my calendar looking for an answer to am I going back there this spring or this summer (for Master Practitioner). If you would like more information please contact Steve and he will forward you my contacts. I will be pleased to answer all of your questions via phone or email.”

People like Vlad say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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