NLP Edmonton: Faith and NLP Are Powerful Combination

Agnes Yip, Master NLP Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Agnes, NLP Edmonton.“People asked me how could I stay positive when dealing with difficult situations, and my answer was my faith guiding me through and teaching me to leave the rest to the Lord. When I looked back to my answer, I didn’t know why I was able to do that well but not everyone who came from the same faith and religion.

With the master level of NLP training, finally I get a better word to explain, that’s called “Neuro-pathway” which I have developed in my mind to keep myself strong and positive in the difficult times.

Steve is a great role model of NLP, lives with it and illustrates NLP techniques every moment he breathes. There is no doubt on his performance, rich and clear, knowledgeable and skillful.

Thanks Diane for all the support and sharing! It’s beautiful that your presence demonstrating a great love of Steve and your family, proving that couples can work together in harmony and love.

Steve and Diane, great training and well done. Please keep going to make this world beautiful and different, we all need that.”

People like Agnes say, “I love my NLP Mind.”

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