Australian Therapist Puts NLP Into Practice

Jan Hill. NLP New South Wales, Australia.

Jan, NLP Australia.“Well I am now back in Australia and today was my first day of seeing clients and I was able to incorporate fairly well NLP concepts and strategies for a number of clients. Some people were more adaptive to the concepts than others – but that was expected.

It was an amazing NLP training course and I have spent time each day thinking about what you taught and how that affects me, my thinking and behaviour….. very interesting. Thank you so much for your skilful way of introducing the concepts and the many experiences of putting it into practice. I can see how it can become addictive, as it is only through constant practice that I will become adept at using it and applying it to my life.

I had some wonderful experiences while there in Canada and did some traveling with my friends and walking in the National parks. AND there is no place like Australia… I do love my country…… nice to return home to, there are a few countries I do feel at home in and Canada is one of those.”

People like Jan say “I love my NLP Mind.”

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