NLP USA practitioners and trainers fly to Canada for NLP training.

Since 1999, People wanting NLP in USA have been going to Canada for NLP training. If it’s live in person, video conferencing or online training, NLP USA training is easily accessable.

For the world renowned training in NLP, USA residents go to Steve Boyley for NLP training.

Steve Boyley has decades of experience using NLP in many cultures, businesses and industries. Get training with Steve Boyley # 1 reviewed NLP Trainer. Learn how to do NLP, experience what others have been trying to explain.

Sales Double After NLP Training

Patrick DuCharm, NLP Dekalb, IL, USA. “In less than four months after taking Steve Boyley’s NLP course my SALES have doubled. At first, the company that I work for was reluctant to invest their money in the seminar and hotel. … Continue reading

I Made Major Changes In Myself

David Kim. NLP Illinois, USA. “Before attending my NLP Practitioner training with the Boyley’s Performance Institute of NLP, I inquired about their trainings on some online NLP communities. I was fortunate enough to find a person that had attended many … Continue reading

Improved Map Of World And Quality Of Life.

Kevin Mongeon, PhD Student, MBA. NLP Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, USA. “I am writing to send my sincere thank you for the excellent training seminar. I was originally referred to the Performance Institute of NLP by another well known … Continue reading

NLP Trainer Retakes Master Prac To Hone Skills

Maria-Dolores C. Haneffant, Avalon NLP Institute, Roseville, (San Francisco) California, USA. “After taking courses with several different NLP Trainers, it is clearly evident that Steve Boyley is a Dynamic Presenter and a Proficient Trainer of NLP. When you take Steve’s trainings you … Continue reading

NLP: Ohio Author Increases Communication Skills And Personal Power

Michelle Payton, National Award-winning Author, NLP Powell, Ohio, USA. “My stay at the hotel was safe, quaint, affordable, and friendly. Steve is a unique teacher that kept my attention for 8 straight days (for twelve plus hours per day)! He puts all of his teachings into action–Live Learning. The concept that had the biggest impact on me is … Continue reading

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