Mind Mapping

Mind mapping, whole brain note taking, uses both sides of your brain to study subjects usually only studied with your left brain.

Mind mapping uses both sides of your brain to substantially increase your brain power and memory.

Taking notes map.

Origin and uses.

Invented by Tony Buzan, mind maps are a very powerful tool for brainstorming, creative thinking, problem solving, organizing of ideas and of course, note taking.

Mind mapping as a note taking technique can be used for almost any subject and done in any language. It is especially useful for students in tertiary education and beyond, and this is because the more advanced the studied material, the greater the need to condense and simplify it in a form that is easy to learn.

The power of mind mapping.

Mind mapping notes map.

This is a way of making notes using colors and patterns, keywords and images so that the information is rendered holistically.

When creating Mind Maps, imagination and creativity are used to synthesize logically all the relevant key information in an organized way. This taps your whole brain, releases your brain potential and improves your memory with less work.

Mind Mapping Method

Mind map of the mind mapping method.

Mind Mapping Laws

Mind Map LawsMind map of mind map laws.

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