Self Perfection

Happy self perfection face.Self perfection is an idea some people hold in their mind as their criteria for success.

To understand your criteria for self perfection, it’s usefull to examine your criteria for success. The best definition of success I have ever heard is, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” This ‘worthy ideal’ can be shared in whole or in part by many people, a few, or only one individual.

I often find that clients who feel unhappy, unsuccessful, unworthy or low self esteem (whatever you want to call it), have no idea what the ‘worthy ideal’ is for them. Getting these clients to use the following optimum performance strategies, achieves dramatically positive results; feelings of accomplishment, self satisfaction and happiness.

Universal Connection.

You know that you are comprised of a wide variety of atoms. Where do your atoms come from? Energy (at the heart of atoms) cannot be created nor destroyed. It can be converted.

That being the case, your atoms have been in existence since the beginning of the universe. Since the beginning of time, energy from the sun and earth is converted into the food you eat and converted into you. You are an ongoing transformation of the energy in this universe.

A transformation of energy so intricate and marvelous that you can reflect upon yourself and the universe, a way for the universe to examine itself! Realize now that you are connected to everything, in all of time. Realize that you are interacting with everyone and everything. i.e. Whether you speak out or are silent – you have an effect!

Worthy Ideal.

Imagine that after a long and fruitful life your funeral is at hand. What do you want people to say about you? “Should’a seen the fantastic car he had! And what a beautiful house!”. That’s probably not what you’d like to be remembered for.

What is usually remembered is how you acted in the various roles you fulfilled in your life. What kind of a child, mate, parent, worker and community member you were and what you contributed in those roles. Writing down what you would like people to say, brings out your true values, your ‘worthy ideal’, your idea of self perfection.

You will then have a foundation to connect your activities, goals and desires to. i.e. How your beautiful house and fantastic car fulfills your desire to provide comfort for your family. This also effectively overcomes the guilt some people feel when they get what they wanted. Do you feel happier knowing that you are progressively realizing your worthy ideal?

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