Goal Setting Resolutions

WHY DO PEOPLE make new goal setting resolutions and then promptly break them?

man thinking about goal settingMany people make and break the same goal setting resolutions every year, it becomes an annual ritual.

EVERY TIME I HEAR “re” in front of a word, it reminds me that something is happening again. The word resolution (re-solution) comes from the word “resolve”, meaning to solve again! So many people get into a pattern of re-solving old problems with the same solutions that didn’t work last year. What’s really needed is something new!

HEADING IN A NEW DIRECTION is fun and exhilarating, even when the journey has been well planned and you know what to expect. Taking a new direction is intriguing because it adds to your experience. Instead of static goal setting to have or be this or that, how about planning some new directions you want to take in your personal and professional life. Ask yourself this: “What behavior can I do that will cause the events I want to have happen in my life?”

GETTING WHAT YOU WANT; that new car, house, bank balance, love life, etc. is the outcome of you doing the behaviors that will take you in those directions. See yourself doing those behaviors in your future. Beginning in the next few moments, put those thoughts in your mind. Then associate right into them so you’ll know what you will be seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. Repeat this process and make adjustments as you learn more about what behaviors will lead to achieving your outcome. The goal is to do the behaviors. Getting what you want is the reward!

IMPRINT it into your unconscious mind.

FEEL THE PASSION with which you want and will work for your goal, make the mental image of your goal larger and brighter, turn the volume up, then make sure you step into the event and imagine experiencing the emotion of achieving it. Now look back through time, all the way back to this moment and remember the passion with which you did the things you did to achieve your goal.

HAVE YOU BEEN THINKING that NLP Training will make you more capable of achieving what you desire, even overcome a certain difficulty that you would like to see come to a satisfactory resolution? If you are in the process of making your decision, this article contains important information for you.

HAVE FUN. Smiling and laughing gets endorphins flowing and then people quickly begin feeling good, the perfect mental state to start achieving your goals. Beginning with a playfully fun attitude, creates a foundation for experiencing the process of easily achieving your goals.

MAKE A “HAVE FUN” APPOINTMENT for yourself 365 days a year. Remembering to have fun each day, conditions your mental attitude and positively effects everyone around you. Besides, you have a choice about how you are going to feel, while doing what it takes to begin turning your dreams into reality.

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