Using The Word Fuck

Useing the word fuck, it’s probably the most versatile word in the whole fucking English language.

NLP enables people to utilize ANY kind of communication, including useing the word fuck. An NLP practitioner can understand the intent of whatever communication is being presented. NLP skills provide practitioners with the ability to respond in multiple different ways that get results, with or without using he same kind of communication as the other person.

sym-smile“Fuck” can be used in many different ways.

  • Noun: I don’t give a fuck.
  • Adjective: Jennifer is organizing the fucking event.
  • Verb: Don’t fuck it up.
  • Transitive verb: Paul fucked Jennifer.
  • Intransitive verb: Jennifer fucks.
  • Part of an adverb: Jennifer organizes too fucking much.
  • Adverb enhancing an adjective: Jennifer is fucking amazing.
  • Part of a word: Fanfuckingtastic! Absofuckinglutely infuckingcredible!

It can even be used as almost every word in a sentence, (although that’s not advised).

i.e. Fuck it, fucking fuckups, fuck the fucking fuckers.

Here are some examples of how the word fuck can be used.

  • Aggression: Don’t fuck with me.
  • Amazement: Infuckingcredible!
  • Assurance: Absofuckinglutely.
  • Difficulty: I’m having a fuck of a time with this.
  • Disagreement: Fuck you!
  • Dismay: Oh fuck.
  • Dismissal: Fuck off.
  • Fraud: I got fucked on that deal.
  • Incompetence: What a fuckup.
  • Inquiry: What the fuck?
  • Pleasure: Fanfuckingtastic!
  • Resignation: Fuck it
  • Satisfaction: Fucking “A”!
  • Trouble: Now I’m fucked.

When you realize the versatility of this fantastic word, say it with pride. It will immediately reveal the quality of your character and the flexibility of your language skills. 😉

Check our more fanfuckingtastic info on language. It’s absofuckinglutly infuckingcredible!

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