NLP Practitioner And NLP Master Practitioner Together

nlp practitioner classNLP Practitioner training includes NLP Master Practitioner skills.

Steve Boyley doesn’t hold anything back during NLP Practitioner Training! He believes the point of NLP Master training is for delegates to master their NLP skills, not learn some of the skills for the first time. That’s why Steve Boyley teaches Practitioners and Master Practitioners together.

During NLP Practitioner training:

sym-interactYou ask yourself questions like “Am I doing this right? How would this have changed my past? How will this change my future?”. The first time you get NLP Training, you begin using and applying NLP.

During NLP Master training:

Your focus will be quite different from your first NLP Training. Having had experience using NLP every day, you will ask yourself different questions. The second time you attend NLP training, you master your use of NLP.

NLP Master Practitioners have a different focus:

  • Observing the NLP being used to teach NLP from day 1.
  • Using multiple NLP skills simultaneously during exercises.
  • Improving the speed, elegance and precision of NLP skills.
  • Applying “the finer points” that go beyond the basics.
  • Practising strategy acquisition and installation.
  • Exploring Sleight of Mouth advanced belief change language patterns.

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