Influence Skills Affect People 56 Ways

Influence anyone with 56 amazing NLP influence skills.

Use powerful influence skills to give you the ultimate advantage in every personal and professional interaction.

Our NLP training includes:

  • 8 principles for effective communication.sym-handshake
  • 5 types of words that enrich your language.
  • 2 speech patterns that improve communication.
  • Using your voice to make a powerful connection.
  • Using your voice to convey more than words.
  • Patterns that get people following your lead.nlp training
  • Language that causes rapid mood changes.
  • Create stories that have powerful impact.
  • Use ambiguous language for fun and question it for clarity.
  • 7 types of presuppositions that cause people to believe you.
  • 5 ways of communicating indirectly.
  • 3 ways to change generalized limits on thinking.Influence Skills Course.
  • 5 ways to get clarification on distorted information.
  • 4 ways of gathering missing information.
  • Communicate goals in a way that gets them done.
  • Entrancing with hypnotic patterns and your voice.
  • Change someone’s frame of mind within moments.
  • Speak on any subject using multiple categories of information.
  • Get through to both their conscious and unconscious minds.
  • Quickly change limiting perceptions.
  • Use patterns that change beliefs.Influence skills training
  • Leverage peoples motivation patterns.
  • Language that controls the qualities of thoughts.
  • Utilize thought patterns and/or install new ones.
  • Use flexible communication skills to connect with more people.

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