NLP Hypnosis Inductions

30 NLP hypnosis induction methods, provide fast and easy access to your full mind power.

Use NLP hypnosis combined with other NLP techniques to hypnotize yourself and others, anywhere, anytime! Our NLP training includes:

  • Utilize and recognize hypnotic structure and trance states.Hypnosis inductions demonstrated.
  • 2 hypnosis categories.
    • Inviting the hypnosis subject to follow directives.
    • Commanding the hypnosis subject to follow directives.
  • 6 hypnosis strategies for the 2 categories.
    • Overt hypnosis lets the subject know exactly what the hypnotist is doing and what the intended outcome is.
    • Covert hypnosis is when the subject is aware of what’s happening without being aware that they are being hypnotized.
    • Subliminal hypnosis is when the subject is not even consciously aware of what’s being done to hypnotize them.
  • 30 hypnosis methods for the 6 hypnosis strategies.
    • Visual inductions like the swinging pocket watch.
    • Auditory inductions are most commonly used and are almost always used with the other induction methods.
    • Touch or physical movement inductions can be very powerful and also induce active instead of relaxed trances.
    • Taste inductions are primarily done with remembered taste experiences.
    • Smell inductions can be actual or remembered experiences and are often used in covert hypnosis. Aroma therapy is a common example.
  • Many techniques for each of the 30 hypnosis methods.
    • Different contexts may require different hypnosis techniques.
    • A subjects state of mind may be quite different at different times and may require different techniques.
    • Different subjects in the same context may each require different techniques due to each subject having different beliefs and different states of mind.

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