Observation Skills See 11 Categories Of Information

Learn the observation skills to see 11 categories of NLP information people display.

Observation skills reveal physical cues such as facial expressions that are often 100% of someone’s message. You’ll use this important information to go beyond words. Our NLP training includes:nlp-trainer-steve-boyley-bw

  • See 4 physical cues that tell you someone’s state of mind.
  • Body language that speaks louder than words.
  • Observe cues that show you their sensory thinking modes.
  • See behaviors that show you how to gain rapport with them.nlp-training-0502
  • See how they access various states of mind.
  • Observe experiences that cause rapid changes in their mood.
  • Witness behaviors that reveal the qualities of their thoughts.
  • Observe patterns of thinking that are revealed by their behavior.

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