Study And Review Strategy

Optimize your study to obtain maximum memory recall.

sym-bookThis is the secret to maximizing memory retention.

  • Study for two hours each time.
    • Study 20 minutes.
    • Take a 5 minute break.
      • Do relaxation exercises during the breaks.
      • This will give you 4 relaxation breaks during the 2 hours.
  • Relax for half an hour after each two hour session.
    • While relaxing, do review # 1 (10 min).

Optimize Review To Maintain Memory Peak.

sym-brain-connectRevision of approximately 5-10 minutes per hour of study. Schedule so a review is the day before the examination.

  1. 10 minutes after initial learning/study. (memory peak during half hour relaxation between study sessions)
  2. within 24 hours.
  3. within 1 week.
  4. within 1 month.
  5. within 6 months. (repeat every 6 months)

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