Hypnosis, Hypnotize, Hypnotism And Hypnotist Definitions.

Hypnosis, Hypnotize, Hypnotism And Hypnotist.Hypnosis is the effect produced by the hypnotism skills of a hypnotist.

Defining hypnotism as a function of hypnosis, the state that is produced by the hypnotist… is like defining a light source by focusing on whatever it is shining on. It’s confusing because the light can shine upon many different things and reflect in many different ways.

A more useful definition is:

  • Hypnotist: A person who knowingly and artfully changes someone’s state of mind using hypnotism.
  • Hypnotism (descriptive) / Hypnotize (active): The process of using specific communication skills to change someone’s state of mind. What a hypnotist does.
  • Hypnosis: The effect produced by a hypnotist using hypnotism/while hypnotizing. The effect is characterized by a shift in attention from external to internal and a change in, or suspension of, critical thinking that allows responding to internal thoughts as external events.

Hypnotizing Hypnosis Scripts

NLP Articles About NLP Strategies & NLP TechniquesHypnotizing with hypnosis scripts is a process involving a hypnotist’s hypnotic language and perceptual skills, that produces a state of hypnosis. There are many hypnosis scripts available on the internet. Hypnosis scripts can be useful. Most hypnotherapy intervention scripts focus … Continue reading

American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH)

ABH American Board of Hypnotherapy.The American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) is widely considered to be the preeminent international organization for Hypnotherapists. The American Board of Hypnotherapy, was founded in 1982 by Dr. A.M. Krasner. Originally named the California Council of Hypnotherapy, the membership has … Continue reading

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